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Designing a model for the global energy system—GENeSYS-MOD

Löffler, Konstantin ; Hainsch, Karlo ; Burandt, Thorsten ; Oei, Pao-Yu ; Kemfert, Claudia ; Hirschhausen, Christian von (2017)

This paper develops a path for the global energy system up to 2050, presenting a new application of the open-source energy modeling system (OSeMOSYS) to the community. It allows quite disaggregate energy and emission analysis: Global Energy System Model (GENeSYS-MOD) uses a system of linear equations of the energy system to search for lowest-cost solutions for a secure energy supply, given exte...

Public engagement in electricity network development: the case of the Beauly-Denny project in Scotland

Tobiasson, Wenche ; Beestermöller, Christina ; Jamas , Tooraj (2016)

Ambitious renewable energy targets and an aging infrastructure necessitate a substantial upgrading and expansion of the electricity networks around Europe and beyond. Although vital for the functioning of the economy and a green energy future, grid development projects are often met by public opposition, which increase costs and lead to lengthy planning processes. Therefore, understanding the s...