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Exploring Energy Pathways for the Low-Carbon Transformation in India—A Model-Based Analysis

Lawrenz, Linus ; Xiong, Bobby ; Lorenz, Luise ; Krumm, Alexandra ; Hosenfeld, Hans ; Burandt, Thorsten ; Löffler, Konstantin ; Oei, Pao-Yu ; Hirschhausen, Christian von (2018-11-01)

With an increasing expected energy demand and current dominance of coal electrification, India plays a major role in global carbon policies and the future low-carbon transformation. This paper explores three energy pathways for India until 2050 by applying the linear, cost-minimizing, global energy system model (GENeSYS-MOD). The benchmark scenario “limited emissions only” (LEO) is based on amb...

Illustrating the Benefits of Openness: A Large-Scale Spatial Economic Dispatch Model Using the Julia Language

Weibezahn, Jens ; Kendziorski, Mario (2019-03-25)

In this paper we introduce a five-fold approach to open science comprised of open data, open-source software (that is, programming and modeling tools, model code, and numerical solvers), as well as open-access dissemination. The advantages of open energy models are being discussed. A fully open-source bottom-up electricity sector model with high spatial resolution using the Julia programming en...

Transporting and Storing High-Level Nuclear Waste in the U.S.—Insights from a Mathematical Model

Wegel, Sebastian ; Czempinski, Victoria ; Oei, Pao-Yu ; Wealer, Ben (2019-06-14)

The nuclear industry in the United States of America has accumulated about 70,000 metric tons of high-level nuclear waste over the past decades; at present, this waste is temporarily stored close to the nuclear power plants. The industry and the Department of Energy are now facing two related challenges: (i) will a permanent geological repository, e.g., Yucca Mountain, become available in the f...

Eine ökonomische Analyse isolierter und integrierter Optionen für den Vertrieb von Mobilitätsangeboten unter besonderer Betrachtung des öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs und Carsharing in Deutschland

Neu, Johannes (2019)

Dem Nachfrager stehen für die Durchführung einer gewünschten Ortsveränderung in der Regel verschiedene Mobilitätsangebote zur Verfügung. Hierbei stehen verschiedene Verkehrsmittel häufig in Konkurrenz zu der Bequemlichkeit des ggf. vorhandenen privaten Pkw. Insbesondere die Nutzung der öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel wird hierbei regelmäßig als nicht ausreichend attraktiv angesehen, um eine ernstha...

Eine institutionenökonomische Analyse der Regulierung der Betreiber der Onshore-Stromübertragungsnetze und Offshore-Windpark-Anbindungen in Deutschland

Lenz, Ann-Katrin (2019)

Der Um- und Ausbau der Stromübertragungsnetze in Deutschland im Rahmen der Energiewende führt zu erheblichen Investitionserfordernissen und -herausforderungen. Ob diese Investitionen und die weiteren Aufgaben der Stromübertragungsnetzbetreiber (ÜNB) in Deutschland, wie die Betriebsführung und Instandhaltung, in der gewünschten Qualität zu aus Nachfragerperspektive möglichst minimalen langfristi...

Vertical Governance between Airlines and Airports - A Transaction Cost Analysis

Fuhr, Johannes ; Beckers, Thorsten (2006)

With airport privatization and infrastructure expansion projects taking place in the liberalized European air transport market, airport and airline companies are critically reevaluating their vertical governance structures. This paper analyzes the comparative efficiency of vertical governance structures in the airport-airline supply relationship. Using transaction cost economics as the lens of ...

Designing a model for the global energy system—GENeSYS-MOD

Löffler, Konstantin ; Hainsch, Karlo ; Burandt, Thorsten ; Oei, Pao-Yu ; Kemfert, Claudia ; Hirschhausen, Christian von (2017)

This paper develops a path for the global energy system up to 2050, presenting a new application of the open-source energy modeling system (OSeMOSYS) to the community. It allows quite disaggregate energy and emission analysis: Global Energy System Model (GENeSYS-MOD) uses a system of linear equations of the energy system to search for lowest-cost solutions for a secure energy supply, given exte...

Public engagement in electricity network development: the case of the Beauly-Denny project in Scotland

Tobiasson, Wenche ; Beestermöller, Christina ; Jamas , Tooraj (2016)

Ambitious renewable energy targets and an aging infrastructure necessitate a substantial upgrading and expansion of the electricity networks around Europe and beyond. Although vital for the functioning of the economy and a green energy future, grid development projects are often met by public opposition, which increase costs and lead to lengthy planning processes. Therefore, understanding the s...