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Project stakeholder management as the integration of stakeholder salience, public participation, and nonmarket strategies

Joos, Hannah Charlotte ; zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo ; Pidun, Ulrich (2020-05-12)

Despite the increasingly active role of civic actors, there is often no possibility for them to participate in project planning and decision-making. This discrepancy leads to costly conflicts and even failures. Unfortunately, the literature on project stakeholder management does not have sufficient theoretical substantiation to address this issue. To fill this knowledge gap, we integrate the co...

Organizational transition management of circular business model innovations

Hofmann, Florian ; Jaeger‐Erben, Melanie (2020-08-02)

Scholars and practitioners across fields increasingly recognize that business models for the circular economy may be an effective lever for solving ecological persistent problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and growing natural resource scarcity. Despite a growing interest in the potential of circular business models, interconnections between the organizational dimensions of firms...

Country of Origin as a Brand

Slot, Irina (2020-09)

The increasing role of B2B exports in national economies gives rise to the question of how “country of origin” acts as a factor in purchasing decisions made by international marketers. Based on the moderating effect of uncertainty avoidance as a dimension of cultural socialization of the customer on purchase decision in a B2C environment, and the brand-analog character of country-of-origin labe...

Successful corporate sustainability management in energy companies and beyond: a systems perspective

Priemer, Stefanie (2019)

This dissertation aims at enhancing our understanding of how companies may successfully manage their engagement in sustainability. In research, successfully managed corporate sustainability (CS) is widely argued to lead to implemented CS in a company and increased CS-related performance. However, practitioners lack guidance on what to address along the environmental, social, and economic CS dim...

Resource orchestration as source of competitive advantage of cities

Berseck, Nadja (2018)

This doctoral dissertation responds to the call on the management community to refocus on real-world problems amid the current trend towards increasing urbanization. The first strategy scholar, who applied his model of competitive advantage of firms to nations, cities or places, was Michael Porter. Since then, scholars form other disciplines such as economics, economic geography, sociology and ...

Chief human resources officers on top management teams: an empirical analysis of contingency, institutional, and homophily antecedents

Abt, Magdalena ; Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo zu (2016)

Having the director of human resources (HR) as a member of the top management team (TMT) and giving him/her the title of chief human resources officer (CHRO) indicates an important strategic and symbolic choice. Such decisions not only determine who participates in controlling an organization and setting its strategic direction, but also reflect the organizational structure. In this paper, we e...