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Numerical study of the hydraulic excavator overturning stability during performing lifting operations

Mitrev, Rosen ; Marinković, Dragan (2019-05-02)

This article presents a numerical study of the stability of a hydraulic excavator during performing lifting operations. A planar dynamic model is developed with six degrees of freedom, which considers the base body elastic connection with the terrain, the front digging manipulator links, and the presence of the freely suspended payload. Differential equations describing the excavator dynamic be...

Numerical simulation and parametric investigation of the mechanical properties of fabric nap core sandwich

Ha, Giap Xuan (2019)

This research deals with the finite element (FE) simulation and the validation of FE models for a new type of sandwich-structured composite, the so-called nap-core sandwich. The nap-core is made of a two-dimensional knitted fabric impregnated with a thermosetting resin, which underwent deep drawing and curing processes to adopt a permanent three-dimensional shape. The nap-core can be considered...

Aspects of Modeling Piezoelectric Active Thin-walled Structures

Marinković, Dragan ; Köppe, Heinz ; Gabbert, Ulrich (2009)

The objective of this article is to reconsider some important aspects of modeling piezoelectric active thin-walled structures. Hence, it is dealt here with thin-walled laminated structures involving piezoelectric patches. A recently developed shell type finite element is used for the purpose. The first aspect is adequate modeling of electric field within the piezoelectric patches polarized in t...

Grundlagen und Anwendbarkeit von Magneto-Adaptronischen Transducern (MATs) an ferromagnetischen Materialien zur aktiven Schall- und Schwingungsminderung

Glugla, Markus (2018)

Die magnetischen Eigenschaften von ferromagnetischen Materialien zeigen zwei Effekte, den Joule- und den Villari-Effekt. Der Joule-Effekt, auch bekannt als magnetostriktiver Effekt, beschreibt die Längen- und Volumenänderung eines ferromagnetischen Materials unter Einwirkung eines magnetischen Felds. Der inverse Vorgang, die Änderung des Magnetfelds eines ferromagnetischen Materials unter Einwi...

Application of the mode-shape expansion based on model order reduction methods to a composite structure

Peredo Fuentes, Humberto (2017)

The application of different mode-shape expansion (MSE) methods to a CFRP based on model order reduction (MOR) and component mode synthesis (CMS) methods is evaluated combining the updated stiffness parameters of the full FE model obtained with a mix-numerical experimental technique (MNET) in a previous work. The eigenvectors and eigenfrequencies of the different MSE methods obtained are compar...

Application of the Craig-Bampton model order reduction method to a composite structure: MACco, COMAC, COMAC-S and eCOMAC

Peredo Fuentes, Humberto ; Zehn, Manfred (2016)

The Craig-Bampton model order reduction (CBMOR) method based on the Rayleigh-Ritz approach was applied in a previous work to simulate dynamic behavior of a composite structure (CFRP) using the modal assurance criteria (MAC) and cross orthogonality (XOR) to validate the correlation. Different coordinate modal assurance criteria are applied to complement and verify the eigenfrequencies and eigenv...

Application of the Craig-Bampton model order reduction method to a composite structure: MAC and XOR

Peredo Fuentes, Humberto ; Zehn, Manfred (2014)

The Craig-Bampton model order reduction (CBMOR) method based on the Rayleigh-Ritz approach is applied to dynamic behavior simulation of a composite structure in order to verify the method's feasibility and accuracy. The principle of this method is to represent a coupled component model based on the mass, damping and stiffness matrices. The methodology consists of a finite element model based on...

Model reduction of components and assemblies made of composite materials as part of complex technical systems to simulate the overall dynamic behaviour

Peredo Fuentes, Humberto (2017)

The composite components and model order reduction (MOR) methods are widely used to improve the weight/strength ratio and the computational time respectively in different areas of the industry. The objective of this research is to evaluate the dynamic behaviour applying a MOR method in a composite component assembly. A new mixed numerical-experimental technique (MNET) is developed to obtain acc...

Dynamical modelling of hydraulic excavator considered as a multibody system

Mitrev, Rosen ; Janošević, Dragoslav ; Marinković, Dragan (2017)

This paper considers the development of a plane multibody mechanical model of a hydraulic excavator simultaneously containing an open kinematic chain and closed loops. The Lagrange multiplier technique is used for modelling of the constrained mechanical systems. This approach is used for working out the dynamic equations of excavator motion in the case of performing transportation and digging o...