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Investigating benefits of likelihood alarm systems in presence of alarm validity information

Wiczorek, Rebecca ; Balaud, Magali ; Manzey, Dietrich (2015)

Providing operators additional information helping them to validate alarms has been found to be a countermeasure for problems related to the cry wolf effect (i.e., operators ignoring alarms). Adding information can be realized with likelihood alarm systems (LAS) or with access to alarm validity information (AVI). The two studies presented here examined behavior and performance consequences of t...

Implementing energy status in head-down cockpit displays: impact of augmented energy information on pilot’s performance

Müller, Simon ; Manzey, Dietrich ; Schreiter, Karolin ; Luckner, Robert (2015)

It is safety critical for pilots to be aware of the aircraft’s energy state in terms of proper altitude and airspeed. A loss of energy awareness is an important human factors issue in modern civil aircraft. In order to maintain the energy awareness and support the manual flying skills, several cockpit display concepts suggest to augment the current energy status of the aircraft on primary fligh...

Monitoring and cross-checking automation

Cymek, Dietlind Helene ; Jahn, S. ; Manzey, Dietrich (2016)

The present study addresses effects of human redundancy on automation monitoring and cross-checking. Thirty-six participants performed a multi-task, consisting of three subtasks that mimic basic work demands of operators in a control room of a chemical plant. One of the tasks was to monitor and cross-check a highly reliable and safety-critical automated process. Participants were randomly assig...