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Complementary Audio-Visual Collision Warnings

Fricke, Nicola ; Thüring, Manfred (2009)

The growing number of driver assistance systems increases the demand for warnings that are intuitively comprehensible. Particularly in hazardous situations, such as a threatening collision, a driver must understand the warning immediately. For this reason, collision warnings should convey as much information as needed to interpret the situation properly and to prepare preventive actions. The pr...

Developing and validating an English version of the meCUE questionnaire for measuring user experience

Minge, Michael ; Thüring, Manfred ; Wagner, Ingmar (2016)

Based on the Component model of User Experience (CUE), a standardized questionnaire (meCUE) was developed measuring key aspects of user experience (UX) for interactive products. The questionnaire consists of 34 items and covers four components: product perceptions (usefulness, usability, visual aesthetics, status, commitment), user emotions (positive, negative), consequences of usage (intention...