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Zur Modellbildung und Analyse von bistabilen Energy-Harvesting-Systemen

Lentz, Lukas (2018)

The subject of the thesis is the modeling and the analysis of a bistable energy-harvesting system. The energy-harvesting system consists of a bimorph beam that is made from a ferromagnetic substructure and piezoceramic layers on top. The beam is attached to a rigid frame which can be attached to a host structure. On the frame two permanent magnets are mounted in such a way, that the restoring f...

Theoretical and experimental investigations of the bifurcation behavior of creep groan of automotive disk brakes

Zhao, Xingwei ; Gräbner, Nils ; Wagner, Utz von (2018)

There are several low frequency vibration phenomena which can be observed in automotive disk brakes. Creep groan is one of them provoking noise and structural vibrations of the car. In contrast to other vibration phenomena like brake squeal, creep groan is caused by the stick-slip-effect. A fundamental investigation of creep groan is proposed in this paper theoretically and experimentally with ...

Theoretical and experimental investigations of creep groan in automotive disk brakes

Zhao, Xingwei (2018)

Due to the increasing comfort claims of customers, the study on low frequency creep groan has been receiving increasing attention currently. This thesis forces on the study of the fundamental mechanism of creep groan theoretically and experimentally. In order to understand creep groan step by step, the design of test rigs concentrating on creep groan are presented. A test rig with an idealized...

A novel excitation method for pyroshock simulation

Houshmand, Behnam ; Lacher, Alexander ; Juengel, Níkolas ; Prasol, Lukas ; Wagner, Utz von ; Uhlmann, Eckart (2016)

Pyroshocks are structural responses to transient excitation caused by the essential use of pyrotechnic devices in aerospace applications. In order to avoid damage in aerospace structures due to pyroshocks, tests are performed on earth prior to launching space modules. In these tests, explosive loads are often replaced by alternative excitation methods such as hammer pendulums or shakers simulat...