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[Book review:] Hermans, Hubert J. M. & Hermans-Jansen, Els, Self-narratives: The construction of meaning in psychotherapy (New York: Guilford, 1995)

Valsiner, Jaan (1996)


Videography: analysing video data as a ‘focused’ ethnographic and hermeneutical exercise

Knoblauch, Hubert ; Schnettler, Bernt (2012)

Visual research methods are becoming increasingly important for qualitative studies. Within this dynamically expanding field, methods for analysing ‘natural’ video recordings have developed considerably over the past decades. In this article we discuss methodological aspects of general importance for any analysis of this type of video data. Being a fundamentally interpretive method, our first a...

The Performance of Knowledge: Pointing and Knowledge in Powerpoint Presentations

Knoblauch, Hubert (2008)

Powerpoint and similar technologies have contributed to a profound transformation of lecturing and presenting information. In focusing on pointing in powerpoint presentations, the article addresses aspects of this transformation of speech into 'presentations'. As opposed to popular attacks against powerpoint, the analysis of a large number of audio-visually recorded presentations (mainly in Ger...

Spirituality and Popular Religion in Europe

Knoblauch, Hubert (2008)

The author develops theoretical and partly tentative arguments on the state of what is called religion with a focus on Europe. The concept of "religion'' is complemented by a more basic and less biased notion such as "transcendence'', as plemented by a more basic and less biased notion such as "transcendence", as coined by the phenomenological sociology of Schütz, Berger and Luckmann, a notion ...

Europe and Invisible Religion

Knoblauch, Hubert (2003)

This introductory article begins by sketching Luckmann's theory of invisible religion. It lays stress particularly on the recent modifications of this theory: in addition to the well-known anthropological notion of transcendence, Luckmann elaborates a detailed phenomenological notion of transcendence, distinguishing between three levels of transcendence. This innovation, it is argued, not only ...

Video and vision: videography of a Marian apparition

Knoblauch, Hubert ; Schnettler, Bernt (2015)

In this article, we sketch the field of qualitative video-analysis and locate videography within this. Instead of presenting the methods of videography formally, we illustrate the application of this method in a particular field: Marian apparitions occurring in a German town in 1999, captured live on video. The presentation of the method in this paper follows a general methodological structure....