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Characterization and mechanical properties investigation of the cellulose/gypsum composite

Nindiyasari, Fitriana ; Griesshaber, Erika ; Zimmermann, Tanja ; Manian, Avinash Pradip ; Randow, Clemens ; Zehbe, Rolf ; Fernandez-Diaz, Lurdes ; Ziegler, Andreas ; Fleck, Claudia ; Schmahl, Wolfgang W. (2016)

We synthesized cellulose/gypsum composites in the presence and absence of sodium alginate and investigated the interaction between the composite components as well as the mechanical properties of the final composites. Four different types of cellulose fiber materials were used: cellulose UFC100, cellulose B400, nanofibrillated cellulose, and Lyocell fiber. For all investigated composites the to...