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Linking appearance to neural activity through the study of the perception of lightness in naturalistic contexts

Maertens, Marianne ; Shapley, Robert (2013)

The present paper deals with the classical question how a psychological experience, in this case apparent lightness, is linked by intervening neural processing to physical variables. We address two methodological issues: (a) how does one know the appropriate physical variable (what is the right x ?) to look at, and (b) how can behavioral measurements be used to probe the internal transformation...

Exploitation of environmental constraints in human and robotic grasping

Eppner, Clemens ; Deimel, Raphael ; Álvarez-Ruiz, José ; Maertens, Marianne ; Brock, Oliver (2015)

We investigate the premise that robust grasping performance is enabled by exploiting constraints present in the environment. These constraints, leveraged through motion in contact, counteract uncertainty in state variables relevant to grasp success. Given this premise, grasping becomes a process of successive exploitation of environmental constraints, until a successful grasp has been establish...