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Data and container placement in scalable data analytics platforms

Renner, Thomas (2018)

Distributed dataflow systems process large volume of data in parallel on multiple machines. In production, multiple dataflow applications are scheduled for execution in virtual containers on a per-job basis. Furthermore, they access datasets partitioned into datablocks across the cluster machines' disks. Runtime performance is important for many of these jobs, as their users expect fast results...

On the feasibility of multi-leader replication in the early tiers

Jungnickel, Tim (2018)

In traditional service architectures that follow the service statelessness principle, the state is primarily held in the data tier. Here, service operators utilize tailored storage solutions to guarantee the required availability; even though failures can occur at any time. This centralized approach to store and process an application’s state in the data tier implies that outages of the entire ...

MAC Based Dynamic VLAN Tagging with OpenFlow for WLAN Access Networks

Koerner, Marc ; Kao, Odej (2016)

Many network device vendors are providing a vendor specific VLAN based access solutions for WLAN clients. This applications allows network operators to specify WLAN devices which automatically fall into their department specific networks ans allows them to access their local resources like e.g. printers. The configuration of these VLAN mappings is usually manufacturer specific and depends also ...

A System Architecture for Real-time Anomaly Detection in Large-scale NFV Systems

Gulenko, Anton ; Wallschläger, Marcel ; Schmidt, Florian ; Kao, Odej ; Liu, Feng (2016)

Virtualization as a key IT technology has developed to a predominant model in data centers in recent years. The flexibility regarding scaling-out and migration of virtual machines for seamless maintenance has enabled a new level of continuous operation and changed service provisioning significantly. Meanwhile, services from domains striving for highest possible availability – e.g. from the tele...

Emergence in user experience and quality of service for Internet of Things

Yen, Neil Y. ; Kao, Odej ; Jiang, Hai ; Hung, Jason C. (2015)