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Learning control algorithms for an unsteady stator vane flow field

Steinberg, Simon Johannes (2018)

This thesis contributes to the field of active flow control of aerodynamically highly loaded compressors. In particular, the periodically disturbed and thus unsteady flow field of an experimental, rectilinear compressor stator cascade with multiple active flow control devices is subject of the investigation. Researching such a configuration is the conclusive step to recent research activities a...

Toward microbioreactor arrays

Glauche, Florian ; John, Gernot T. ; Arain, Sarina ; Knepper, Andreas ; Neubauer, Antje ; Goelling, Detlef ; Lang, Christine ; Violet, Norman ; King, Rudibert ; Neubauer, Peter (2015)

In this study, a slow-responding chemo-optical sensor for dissolved oxygen (DO) integrated into a 96-well plate was developed. The slow response time ensures that the measured oxygen value does not change much during plate transport to the microplate reader. The sensor therefore permits at-line DO measurement of microbial cultures. Moreover, it eliminates the necessity of individual optical mea...