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A critical assessment of the importance of seedling age in the system of rice intensification (sri) in Eastern India

Deb, Debal ; Lässig, Jörg ; Kloft, Marius (2012)

A survey of the system of rice intensification (SRI)-related literature indicates that different authors have drawn conflicting inferences about rice yield performances under the SRI, chiefly because the SRI methodology has been variously advocated, interpreted and implemented in the field using different rice varieties, seedling ages at transplantation, cultivation seasons and nutrient managem...

Transfer learning of gaits on a quadrupedal robot

Degrave, Jonas ; Burm, Michael ; Kindermans, Pieter-Jan ; Dambre, Joni ; Wyffels, Francis (2015)

Learning new gaits for compliant robots is a challenging multi-dimensional optimization task. Furthermore, to ensure optimal performance, the optimization process must be repeated for every variation in the environment, for example for every change in inclination of the terrain. This is unfortunately not possible using current approaches, since the time required for the optimization is simply t...