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1H NMR spectroscopic elucidation in solution of the kinetics and thermodynamics of spin crossover for an exceptionally robust Fe2+ complex

Petzold, Holm ; Djomgoue, Paul ; Hörner, Gerald ; Speck, J. Matthäus ; Rüffer, Tobias ; Schaarschmidt, Dieter (2016)

A series of Fe2+ spin crossover (SCO) complexes [Fe(5/6)](2+) employing hexadentate ligands (5/6) with cis/trans-1,2-diamino cyclohexanes (4) as central building blocks were synthesised. The ligands were obtained by reductive amination of 4 with 2,2'-bipyridyl-6-carbaldehyde or 1,10-phenanthroline-2-carbaldehyde 3. The chelating effect and the rigid structure of the ligands 5/6 lead to exceptio...