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Concept development and implementation of online monitoring methods in the transfer molding process for electronic packages

Kaya, Burcu (2018)

The transfer molding process is one of the major processes for the encapsulation of electronic packages. To provide a structural support and to protect the electronic components from the environment, epoxy molding compounds (EMCs) are mainly used as encapsulation material. The quality of the molded packages depends strongly on the process parameters of the transfer molding process and also the ...

Modeling and characterization of PCB coils for inductive wireless charging

Curran, Brian ; Maaß, Uwe ; Fotheringham, Gerhard ; Stevens, Nobby ; Ndip, Ivan ; Lang, Klaus-Dieter (2015)

Wireless charging is emerging as a viable technology in many industries, including consumer, medical, and sensor electronics. An investigation of design principles is conducted for a wireless charging platform that is designed to charge devices of different sizes and technologies, using only through vias. It is shown that at a 5 mm separation distance, a coupling coefficient can be achieved whi...

Adhesion mechanism between laser sputtered materials, Copper and Aluminum on Silicon substrate

Azhdast, Mohammad Hossein (2018)

The present study aims to the novel technique by laser deposition of Aluminum and Copper nano particles on silicon wafer substrate. Thin µm films have been deposited from one-side coated glass to Silicon wafers by sputtering nano particles using laser radiation. The Distance between donor film and substrate was up to several 100 µm, and it has been optimized as 300 µm. As soon as the laser en...

Insights into the reversibility of aluminum graphite batteries

Elia, Giuseppe Antonio ; Hasa, Ivana ; Greco, Giorgia ; Diemant, Thomas ; Marquardt, Krystan ; Hoeppner, Katrin ; Behm, R. Jürgen ; Hoell, Armin ; Passerini, Stefano ; Hahn, Robert (2017)

Herein we report a novel study on the reaction mechanism of non-aqueous aluminum/graphite cell chemistry employing 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride:aluminum trichloride (EMIMCl:AlCl3) as the electrolyte. This work highlights new insights into the reversibility of the anion intercalation chemistry besides confirming its outstanding cycle life exceeding 2000 cycles, corresponding to more than...

Future recycling flows of tellurium from cadmium telluride photovoltaic waste

Marwede, Max ; Reller, Armin (2012)

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, photovoltaic energy has the potential to contribute up to 13% to the global electricity supply by 2040. A part of this electricity production will come from thin-film photovoltaic technologies. From various thin-film technologies available on the market today, low-cost cadmium telluride photovoltaics (CdTe-PV) can be considered the ma...

On-chip automation of cell-free protein synthesis: new opportunities due to a novel reaction mode

Georgi, V. ; Georgi, Leopold ; Blechert, Martin ; Bergmeister, Merlin ; Zwanzig, Michael ; Wüstenhagen, Doreen A. ; Bier, Frank F. ; Jung, Erik ; Kubick, Stefan (2016)

Many pharmaceuticals are proteins or their development is based on proteins. Cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) is an innovative alternative to conventional cell based systems which enables the production of proteins with complex and even new characteristics. However, the short lifetime, low protein production and expensive reagent costs are still limitations of CFPS. Novel automated microfluid...

Exceptional long-life performance of lithium-ion batteries using ionic liquid-based electrolytes

Elia, Giuseppe Antonio ; Ulissi, Ulderico ; Jeong, Sangsik ; Passerini, Stefano ; Hassoun, Jusef (2016)

Advanced ionic liquid-based electrolytes are herein characterized for application in high performance lithium-ion batteries. The electrolytes based on either N-butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide (Pyr(14)TFSI), N-butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(fluoro-sulfonyl) imide (Pyr(14)FSI), N-methoxy-ethyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethane-sulfonyl) imide (Pyr(12O1)TF...