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Chatterjee_Dopfer_Microhydration_2018.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2018Microhydration of PAH+ cations: evolution of hydration network in naphthalene+-(H2O)n clusters (n ≤ 5)Chatterjee, Kuntal; Dopfer, Otto-
George_etal_Microhydration_2020.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2020Microhydration of substituted diamondoid radical cations of biological relevance: infrared spectra of amantadine+-(H2O)n = 1–3 clustersGeorge, Martin Andreas Robert; Buttenberg, Friedrich; Förstel, Marko; Dopfer, Otto-
chatterjee_kuntal.pdf.jpg2020Vibrational spectroscopy of microsolvated clusters of protonated and ionized aromatic moleculesChatterjee, Kuntal-
d0cp03650a.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2020Vibronic optical spectroscopy of cryogenic flavin ions: the O2+ and N1 tautomers of protonated lumiflavinMüller, David; Dopfer, Otto-
d0cp02919j.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2020Spectroscopic identification of fragment ions of DNA/RNA building blocks: the case of pyrimidineChatterjee, Kuntal; Dopfer, Otto-
d0cp02110e.pdf.jpg27-May-2020Microhydration of protonated biomolecular building blocks: protonated pyrimidineChatterjee, Kuntal; Dopfer, Otto-
c9cp05042f1.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2019Intracluster proton transfer in protonated benzonitrile–(H2O)n≤6 nanoclusters: hydrated hydronium core for n ≥ 2Chatterjee, Kuntal; Dopfer, Otto-
Chatterjee_Dopfer_2019.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2019Microhydration Structures of Protonated OxazoleChatterjee, Kuntal; Dopfer, Otto-
c9cp02787d.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2019Unraveling the protonation site of oxazole and solvation with hydrophobic ligands by infrared photodissociation spectroscopyChatterjee, Kuntal; Dopfer, Otto-
c8fd00203g.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2019Effect of alkali ions on optical properties of flavins: vibronic spectra of cryogenic M+lumiflavin complexes (M = Li–Cs)Müller, David; Nieto, Pablo; Miyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Dopfer, Otto-
c8cp06950f.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2019Microhydration of protonated 5-hydroxyindole revealed by infrared spectroscopyKlyne, Johanna; Dopfer, Otto-
klyne_johanna.pdf.jpg2019Spectroscopy of protonated aromatic and chiral biomoleculesKlyne, Johanna Karin-
schuetz_markus.pdf.jpg2018Spektroskopie der Neurotransmitter Tryptamin und PhenylethylaminSchütz, Markus-
savoca_marco.pdf.jpg2018Spektroskopie an silizium- und kohlenstoffhaltigen Clustern: Dotierung und HybrideSavoca, Marco-
c5cp00700c.pdf.jpg2015Nature of the interaction between rare gas atoms and transition metal doped silicon clusters: the role of shielding effectsVu Thi Ngan; Janssens, Ewald; Claes, Pieterjan; Fielicke, André; Minh Tho Nguyen; Lievens, Peter-
c5cp02588e.pdf.jpg2015Vibrational spectra and structures of SinC clusters (n=3-8)Nguyen Xuan Truong; Savoca, Marco; Harding, Dan J.; Fielicke, André; Dopfer, Otto-
c5cp00576k.pdf.jpg2015Diastereo-specific conformational properties of neutral, protonated and radical cation forms of (1R,2S)-cis- and (1R,2R)-trans-amino-indanol by gas phase spectroscopyBouchet, Aude; Klyne, Johanna; Piani, Giovanni; Dopfer, Otto; Zehnacker, Anne-
c5cp00221d.pdf.jpg2015IR spectrum of the protonated neurotransmitter 2-phenylethylamine: dispersion and anharmonicity of the NH3+-pi interactionBouchet, Aude; Schütz, Markus; Chiavarino, Barbara; Crestoni, Maria Elisa; Fornarini, Simonetta; Dopfer, Otto-
c5cp05400a.pdf.jpg2015Single water solvation dynamics in the 4-aminobenzonitrile-water cluster cation revealed by picosecond time-resolved infrared spectroscopyMiyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Nakamura, Takashi; Wohlgemuth, Matthias; Mitrić, Roland; Dopfer, Otto; Fujii, Masaaki-
c4cp04584j.pdf.jpg2015Mass analyzed threshold ionization detected infrared spectroscopy: isomerization activity of the phenol-Ar cluster near the ionization thresholdMiyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Yoshikawa, Shunpei; Michels, François; Misawa, Kentaro; Ishiuchi, Shun-ichi; Sakai, Makoto; Dopfer, Otto; Müller-Dethlefs, Klaus; Fujii, Masaaki-
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