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baumann_jonas.pdf.jpg2017Advanced X-ray analytical methods for the characterization of buried interfaces with relevance for energy conversion devicesBaumann, Jonas-
bremekamp_marcel.pdf.jpg2017Energiedispersive Mikro-Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse technischer MikrostrukturenBremekamp, Marcel-
c4ja00303a.pdf.jpg2015XAFS spectroscopy by an X-ray tube based spectrometer using a novel type of HOPG mosaic crystal and optimized image processingSchlesiger, Christopher; Anklamm, Lars; Stiel, Holger; Malzer, Wolfgang; Kanngießer, Birgit-
c6ja00220j.pdf.jpg2016Combined 1D, 2D and 3D micro-XRF techniques for the analysis of illuminated manuscriptsLachmann, Tim; Snickt, Geert van der; Haschke, Michael; Mantouvalou, Ioanna-
szwedowski-rammert_veronika.pdf.jpg2019New approaches in angle resolved X-ray analysis of stratified materials in the laboratorySzwedowski-Rammert, Veronika-
c8ja00427g.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2019Laboratory based GIXRF and GEXRF spectrometers for multilayer structure investigationsSzwedowski-Rammert, Veronika; Baumann, Jonas; Schlesiger, Christopher; Waldschläger, Ulrich; Gross, Armin, et al-
wansleben_malte.pdf.jpg2020Anwendung eines effizienten von Hamos-Spektrometers für die hochauflösende RöntgenemissionsspektrometrieWansleben, Malte Lauritz-
loetgering_lars.pdf.jpg2020Computational imaging methods for visible light and X-ray microscopyLötgering, Lars-
schlesiger_christopher.pdf.jpg2019Röntgenabsorptionsspektroskopie im LaborSchlesiger, Christopher Philip-
Kanngießer_etal_2018.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2018A laboratory spectrometer for high throughput X-ray emission spectroscopy in catalysis researchMalzer, Wolfgang; Grötzsch, Daniel; Gnewkow, Richard; Schlesiger, Christopher; Kowalewski, Fabian, et al-
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