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Annihilation of structural defects in chalcogenide absorber films for high-efficiency solar cells

Mainz, Roland ; Sanli, Ekin Simsek ; Stange, Helena ; Azulay, Doron ; Brunken, Stephan ; Greiner, Dieter ; Hajaj, Shir ; Heinemann, Marc D. ; Kaufmann, Christian A. ; Klaus, Manuela ; Ramasse, Quentin M. ; Rodriguez-Alvarez, Humberto ; Weber, Alfons ; Balberg, Isaac ; Millo, Oded ; Aken, Peter A. van ; Abou-Ras, Daniel (2016)

In polycrystalline semiconductor absorbers for thin-film solar cells, structural defects may enhance electron-hole recombination and hence lower the resulting energy conversion efficiency. To be able to efficiently design and optimize fabrication processes that result in high-quality materials, knowledge of the nature of structural defects as well as their formation and annihilation during film...