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lin_xianzhong.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2013Solution-processed Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 thin films based on binary and ternary chalcogenide nanoparticle precursors and their application in solar cellsLin, Xianzhong-
simon_ulla.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2015Prozesstechnik und Stabilität oxidischer Katalysatoren für die oxidative Kopplung von MethanSimon, Ulla-
yan_yong.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2014Investigation of the negative and positive effect of natural aging on artificial aging response in Al-Mg-Si alloysYan, Yong-
yu_jiamin.pdf.jpg2016Formation of intermetallic phases in Al-10Si-0.3Fe based alloysYu, Jiamin-
21-Aug-2018An X-ray tomographic study of rechargeable Zn/MnO2 batteriesOsenberg, Markus; Manke, Ingo; Hilger, André; Kardjilov, Nikolay; Banhart, John-
alrwashdeh_saad.pdf.jpg2017Radiographic and tomographic investigation of water transport in operating polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsAlrwashdeh, Saad Sabe'-
7-Aug-2014Structure-function relationships in Macadamia integrifolia seed coats – fundamentals of the hierarchical microstructureSchüler, Paul; Speck, Thomas; Bührig-Polaczek, Andreas; Fleck, Claudia-
0021998315580826.pdf.jpg2016Characterization and mechanical properties investigation of the cellulose/gypsum compositeNindiyasari, Fitriana; Griesshaber, Erika; Zimmermann, Tanja; Manian, Avinash Pradip; Randow, Clemens, et al-
31-May-2019Real-time direct transmission electron microscopy imaging of phase and morphology transformation from solid indium oxide hydroxide to hollow corundum-type indium oxide nanocrystallitesSchlicker, Lukas; Popescu, Radian; Bekheet, Maged F.; Doran, Andrew; Gerthsen, Dagmar, et al-
4-Aug-2017Coalescence Avalanches in Liquid Aluminum FoamsPaeplow, Marlen; García-Moreno, Francisco; Meagher, Aaron Joseph; Rack, Alexander; Banhart, John-
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