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c1sm05831b.pdf.jpg2011Kinetics of coalescence in liquid aluminium foamsGarcia-Moreno, Francisco; Solorzano, E.; Banhart, Jon-
c4cc06561a.pdf.jpg2014Enhanced catalytic performance of MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 for the oxidative coupling of methane using an ordered mesoporous silica supportYildiz, M.; Aksu, Y.; Simon, U.; Kailasam, K.; Görke, O., et al-
c4ta01161a.pdf.jpg2014On the structural integrity and electrochemical activity of a 0.5Li(2)MnO(3)center dot 0.5LiCoO(2) cathode material for lithium-ion batteriesRana, Jatinkumar; Klöpsch, Richard; Li, Jie; Scherb, Tobias; Schumacher, Gerhard, et al-
c4sm00487f.pdf.jpg2014The rupture of a single liquid aluminium alloy filmHeim, K.; Garcia-Moreno, F.; Kumar, G. S. Vinod; Rack, A.; Banhart, J.-
1-s2.0-S221465711630034X-main.pdf.jpg2016High resolution pore size analysis in metallic powders by X-ray tomographyHeim, Korbinian; Bernier, F.; Pelletier, R.; Lefebvre, L.-P.-
c0sm00166j.pdf.jpg2011Particle-stabilised foams: structure and agingStocco, Antonio; Garcia-Moreno, Francisco; Manke, Ingo; Banhart, John; Langevin, Dominique-
1-s2.0-S2405844017303031-main.pdf.jpgJun-2017Mechanical properties in crumple-formed paper derived materials subjected to compressionHanaor, D.A.H.; Flores Johnson, E.A.; Wang, S.; Quach, S.; Dela-Torre, K.N., et al-
Springer_et_al_1998.pdf.jpg1998Influence of Hydrolytic and Chemical Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Aramid and Copolyaramid FibersSpringer, H.; Abu Obaid, A.; Prabawa, A.B.; Hinrichsen, G.-
Roetting_Hinrichsen_1995.pdf.jpg1995Quasi-Continuous Fibrils in Blends of Liquid Crystalline and Thermoplastic Polymers at Low LCP ConcentrationRoetting, O.; Hinrichsen, G.-
Roetting_Hinrichsen_1997.pdf.jpg1997Rheological Conditions for the Development of Fibrils in Blends of Liquid Crystalline and Conventional PolymersRoetting, O.; Hinrichsen, G.-