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2014_augustin_et-al.pdf.jpg2014How adaptation currents change threshold, gain, and variability of neuronal spikingLadenbauer, Josef; Augustin, Moritz; Obermayer, Klaus-
17-Apr-2017Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex contributes to the impaired behavioral adaptation in alcohol dependenceBeylergil, Sinem Balta; Beck, Anne; Deserno, Lorenz; Lorenz, Robert C.; Rapp, Michael A., et al-
2018Computational modeling of glutamate-induced calcium signal generation and propagation in astrocytesOschmann, Franziska-
2018Investigating the effects of weak extracellular fields on single neurons: a modelling approachAspart, Florian-
2017_augustin_etal.pdf.jpg2017Low-dimensional spike rate models derived from networks of adaptive integrate-and-fire neuronsAugustin, Moritz; Ladenbauer, Josef; Baumann, Fabian; Obermayer, Klaus-
2013_augustin_et-al.pdf.jpg2013How adaptation shapes spike rate oscillations in recurrent neuronal networksAugustin, Moritz; Ladenbauer, Josef; Obermayer, Klaus-
12-Mar-2019Optimizing the depth and the direction of prospective planning using information valuesSezener, Can Eren; Dezfouli, Amir; Keramati, Mehdi-
7-Aug-2019Safety Aspects, Tolerability and Modeling of Retinofugal Alternating Current StimulationHaberbosch, Linus; Datta, Abhishek; Thomas, Chris; Jooß, Andreas; Köhn, Arvid, et al-
26-Mar-2013Inferring network properties of cortical neurons with synaptic coupling and parameter dispersionRoy, Dipanjan; Jirsa, Viktor-
fninf-07-00026.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2013Spyke Viewer: a flexible and extensible platform for electrophysiological data analysisPröpper, Robert; Obermayer, Klaus-