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Knowledge-based capital and firm productivity

Le Mouel, Marie (2019)

The productivity slowdown of the last decades has raised concerns about the ability of advanced economies to sustain high living standards and renewed the interest in understanding the sources of aggregate productivity growth. The present thesis looks at the role of knowledge-based capital as a determinant of productivity, both within and across firms. I use firm-level administrative data to ex...

Changes in life satisfaction when losing one's spouse: individual differences in anticipation, reaction, adaptation and longevity in the German Socio-economic Panel Study (SOEP)

Infurna, Frank J. ; Wiest, Maja ; Gerstorf, Denis ; Ram, Nilam ; Schupp, Jürgen ; Wagner, Gert G. ; Heckhausen, Jutta (2016)

Losing a spouse is among the most devastating events that may occur in people's lives. We use longitudinal data from 1,224 participants in the German Socio-economic Panel Study (SOEP) to examine (a) how life satisfaction changes with the experience of spousal loss; (b) whether socio-demographic factors and social and health resources moderate spousal loss-related changes in life satisfaction; a...


Gerstorf, Denis ; Bertram, Lars ; Lindenberger, Ulman ; Pawelec, Graham ; Demuth, Ilja ; Steinhagen-Thiessen, Elisabeth ; Wagner, Gert G. (2016)

Human aging is characterized by large differences between and within older adults. Numerous factors are known to contribute to these differences, including genetic and immunological, somatic and medical, cognitive and behavioral, psychosocial and experiential, as well as socioeconomic and geospatial conditions. Continuing and expanding the scientific objectives of the Berlin Aging Study, the Be...

Cohort Differences in Psychosocial Function over 20 Years: Current Older Adults Feel Less Lonely and Less Dependent on External Circumstances

Hülür, Gizem ; Drewelies, Johanna ; Eibich, Peter ; Düzel, Sandra ; Demuth, Ilja ; Ghisletta, Paolo ; Steinhagen-Thiessen, Elisabeth ; Wagner, Gert G. ; Lindenberger, Ulman ; Gerstorf, Denis (2016)

Background: Lifespan psychological and life course sociological perspectives indicate that individual development is shaped by social and historical circumstances. Increases in fluid cognitive performance over the last century are well documented and researchers have begun examining historical trends in personality and subjective well-being in old age. Relatively less is known about secular cha...

Associations between Neighborhood Characteristics, Well-Being and Health Vary over the Life Course

Eibich, Peter ; Krekel, Christian ; Demuth, Ilja ; Wagner, Gert G. (2016)

Background: Neighborhood characteristics are important determinants of individual health and well-being. For example, characteristics such as noise and pollution affect health directly, while other characteristics affect health and well-being by either providing resources (e.g. social capital in the neighborhood), which individuals can use to cope with health problems, or limiting the use there...

Long working hours and alcohol use: systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies and unpublished individual participant data

Virtanen, Marianna ; Jokela, Markus ; Nyberg, Solja T. ; Madsen, Ida E. H. ; Lallukka, Tea ; Ahola, Kirsi ; Alfredsson, Lars ; Batty, G. David ; Bjorner, Jakob B. ; Borritz, Marianne ; Burr, Hermann ; Casini, Annalisa ; Clays, Els ; Bacquer, Dirk de ; Dragano, Nico ; Erbel, Raimund ; Ferrie, Jane E. ; Fransson, Eleonor I. ; Hamer, Mark ; Heikkila, Katriina ; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz ; Kittel, France ; Knutsson, Anders ; Koskenvuo, Markku ; Ladwig, Karl-Heinz ; Lunau, Thorsten ; Nielsen, Martin L. ; Nordin, Maria ; Oksanen, Tuula ; Pejtersen, Jan H. ; Pentti, Jaana ; Rugulies, Reiner ; Salo, Paula ; Schupp, Jürgen ; Siegrist, Johannes ; Singh-Manoux, Archana ; Steptoe, Andrew ; Suominen, Sakari B. ; Theorell, Töres ; Vahtera, Jussi ; Wagner, Gert G. ; Westerholm, Peter J. M. ; Westerlund, Hugo ; Kivimäki, Mika (2015)

OBJECTIVE: To quantify the association between long working hours and alcohol use. DESIGN: Systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies and unpublished individual participant data. DATA SOURCES: A systematic search of PubMed and Embase databases in April 2014 for published studies, supplemented with manual searches. Unpublished individual participant data were obtained from 27 addit...