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Discrete choice experiment data for street-level urban greening in Berlin

Fruth, Erik ; Kvistad, Michele ; Marshall, Joe ; Pfeifer, Lena ; Rau, Luisa ; Sagebiel, Julian ; Soto, Daniel ; Tarpey, John ; Weir, Jessica ; Winiarski, Bradyn (2019-12-18)

The data presented in this DiB article are the outcome of a survey implemented in a Berlin neighborhood from January to March 2018. The data consist of socio-demographic, attitudinal and perception questions, and, most importantly, a discrete choice experiment. This dataset is complementary to the full research article, “Economic valuation of street-level urban greening: A case study from an ev...

The Benefits of Local Forest Recreation in Austria and Its Dependence on Naturalness and Quietude

Getzner, Michael ; Meyerhoff, Jürgen (2020-03-15)

The benefits of local recreation in the State-owned forests in Austria (i.e., about 15% of all Austrian forests) are ascertained in this paper. A representative survey of households dealt with their local recreation, perceptions of and disturbances in forests. Total annual benefits of local recreation activities in State-owned forests, such as walking, hiking, cycling and wildlife observation, ...

Scaling Effects in Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Aggregation in Integrated River Basin Management

Taha, Rania ; Dietrich, Jörg ; Dehnhardt, Alexandra ; Hirschfeld, Jesko (2019-02-20)

For river basin management plans (RBMPs), measures are aggregated from smaller spatial units (e.g., water bodies) to the catchment or basin scale. River basin management plans measures in integrated management are evaluated using multiple criteria, e.g., ecological and socio-economiccriteria, etc. Therefore, aggregation often combines spatial analysis and multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)...

Willingness to Pay for Nature Conservation Policies in State-Owned Forests: An Austrian Case Study

Getzner, Michael ; Meyerhoff, Jürgen ; Schläpfer, Felix (2018-09-01)

The Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf), the Republic of Austria’s state-owned company, manages 15% of the Austrian forests; about 50% of the land is devoted to nature conservation. This paper presents the results of a representative survey of Austrian households ascertaining the acceptance of, preferences regarding, and willingness to pay for three different management scenarios. One program would ...

Social preferences for adaptation measures to conserve Australian birds threatened by climate change

Garnett, Stephen T. ; Zander, Kerstin K. ; Hagerman, Shannon ; Satterfield, Terre A. ; Meyerhoff, Jürgen (2017-01-10)

Debate about climate change adaptation for biodiversity, and the ethics and consequences of assisted colonization in particular, has polarized professional opinion but the views of the wider community are unknown. We tested four hypotheses about the acceptability of adaptation strategies among a sample of the Australian general public using a combination of direct questions and a choice experim...

Response anomalies in discrete choice experiments for environmental valuation

Oehlmann, Malte (2019)

The use of discrete choice experiments (DCEs) to value environmental goods and services has been rapidly increasing over the last years. However, many studies call into question the validity of this approach. Biases in welfare estimates derived from DCEs may arise from response behavior which is not fully consistent with one or more of the assumptions underlying stated preference approaches. Si...

To Pay or Not to Pay: Competing Theories to Explain Individuals’ Willingness to Pay for Public Environmental Goods

Liebe, Ulf ; Preisendörfer, Peter ; Meyerhoff, Jürgen (2010)

Several theories have been proposed in an attempt to explain individuals’ willingness to pay (WTP) for public environmental goods. While most studies only take into account a single theory, this article discusses competing theories. These include, in addition to a basic economic model, the theory of public goods, Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior, and Schwartz’s norm-activation model. Empirica...

Panchayat Irrigation Management

Choudhury, Nirmalya ; Banerjee, Parthosarathy ; Roy, Dayabati (2009)

This article studies the role played by the constitutionally empowered Panchayati Raj Institutions over a large irrigation system in West Bengal. The article tries to capture the linkages and the dynamics governing interaction between the 'Gram Panchayats' and the Water User Associations. The inferences are drawn from observed phenomenon pertaining to the role and relationship between the two s...

Efficiency and utility

Mann, Stefan ; Wüstemann, Henry (2010)

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to develop the argument that the link between efficiency and utility was strongest in the twentieth century. This would not only explain the growing focus on efficiency in the past, but also suggest that the importance of efficiency in society is set to decrease from now on. Design/methodology/approach: The two arguments in support of the claim were: first,...