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OPEN_NEXT – Deliverable 1.3: Open Source Development (OSD) Framework

Hassan, Mehera ; Gloß, Thomas Maximilian (2020-10-30)

This deliverable outlines the first version of the OPEN_NEXT Open Source Development (OSD) framework. A framework that presents the OSD journey which will be taken by the six Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the three maker spaces (referred to here as Labs) together with OPEN_NEXT research and practice partners. The journey aims at harnessing the promising potential of collaborative p...

OPEN_NEXT – Deliverable 1.2: Quality Assurance Framework

Mies, Robert (2020-02-28)

This document delivers a framework which aims to maximise effective, uniform, quality output and eliminate misalignment and possible failure to fulfil the committed obligations according to Annex 1 - Description of the action, Grant Agreement 869984 (part a and b). Through a set of appropriate quality assurance measures, the framework aims to improve the quality of results. It further supports ...

Total Supply Network Management: Modell und Methode für die Bestimmung des Reifegrades von Unternehmen zur Gestaltung und Steuerung ihrer externen Partnernetzwerke

Haarmann, Alexander (2019)

Das Aufgabengebiet des Einkaufs unterliegt einem deutlichen Wandel. Die externe Wertschöpfung in Unternehmen nimmt immer mehr zu und findet auch immer häufiger über externe Partnernetzwerke statt. Damit entwickelt sich der Einkauf über seine traditionelle Versorgungsfunktion hinaus zu einem Manager immer komplexer werdender Netzwerkestrukturen. Der ganzheitliche und funktionsübergreifende Ansat...

Sustainability in Model-based Planning and Control of Global Value Creation Networks

Oertwig, Nicole ; Jochem, Roland ; Knothe, Thomas (2017)

Manufacturing companies are affected by an increasing complexity driven thru fast changing requirements in the global market. To meet the large catalogue of requirements, enterprises are forming global value creation networks and provide services jointly. The existing time pressure and the involvement of many stakeholders results in a demand of methods and tools for a quick configuration of suc...

Toolbox - Transforming the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for community-based product development

Schwandt, Sophie (2019-06-11)

Open source product development is an arising alternative to standard industrial development practices. Communities of voluntary members engage in decentralized development practices that are open to anyone interested to collaboratively foster innovation. However, the lack of tools and missing knowledge of methods that are standard practice in industrial product development issue challenges for...

Model-based evaluation environment for sustainability

Oertwig, Nicole ; Wintrich, Nikolaus ; Jochem, Roland (2015)

Nowadays, many companies are using enterprise models within an enterprise planning system to develop their business strategy. In order to follow a holistic sustainability approach, environmental, economic and social aspects have to be integrated into these models on a strategic, tactical and operational level. This results in an increased model complexity and requires mechanisms to ensure consi...

Maturity measurement of knowledge‐intensive business processes

Jochem, Roland ; Geers, Dennis ; Heinze, Priscilla (2011)

Purpose – The methods of quality management, business process management and knowledge management have until now been exploited by science and the industry separately. An integration of these disciplines could unlock the potential of a solid structure to measure and gradually improve knowledge transfer processes. This paper aims to address this issue. Design/methodology/approach – A maturity mo...