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Differentieller Mikrowellen-Leistungsoszillator für die Realisierung ultrakompakter Plasmaquellen in Matrixanordnung

Bansleben, Christian (2017)

In der vorliegenden Arbeit werden neue Ansätze zur Realisierung besonders platzsparender und effizienter Mikrowellengeneratoren im Leistungsbereich bis 50 W auf Basis von Leistungsoszillatoren demo...

Understanding benefits of different vantage points in today’s Internet

Böttger, Jan (2017)

Measuring the Internet is indispensable to a better understanding of its current state and trends, but obtaining measurements is difficult both qualitatively and quantitatively. The challenges of “...

Representation and generalization in autonomous reinforcement learning

Böhmer, Wendelin (2017)

This PhD thesis investigates the role of representations that generalize values in autonomous reinforcement learning (RL). I employ the mathematical framework of function analysis to examine induct...

Pushing the boundaries of Brain-Computer Interface technology

Acqualagna, Laura (2017)

Since the first studies in the 70s, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research has had an exponential development thanks to the high potential in improving life of severely impaired people. In the las...

A fast multimodal ectopic beat detection method applied for blood pressure estimation based on pulse wave velocity measurements in wearable sensors

Pflugradt, Maik; Geißdörfer, Kai; Görnig, Matthias; Orglmeister, Reinhold (2017-01-14)

Automatic detection of ectopic beats has become a thoroughly researched topic, with literature providing manifold proposals typically incorporating morphological analysis of the electrocardiogram (...

Programming and managing swarms of mobile robots

Graff, Daniel (2017)

Numerous heterogeneous devices-including stationary as well as mobile devices-exist that are equipped with a variety of sensors and actuators. This enables new kinds of applications, e.g., applicat...

Transient Liquid Phase Soldering als Verbindungstechnik leistungselektronischer Halbleiter für Hochtemperaturanwendungen

Ehrhardt, Christian (2017)

In zahlreichen Anwendungsfeldern der Elektronik besteht der Wunsch oder die Notwendigkeit die Einsatztemperatur des elektronischen Moduls zu erhöhen, wie beispielsweise in der Leistungselektronik, ...

Deposition von transparenten leitfähigen Oxiden mit hoher Ladungsträgermobilität bei niedriger Prozesstemperatur und deren Integration in Photovoltaik-Zellen

Scherg-Kurmes, Harald (2017)

Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) are employed as contact layers thin film solar cells. They transmit incoming light to the absorber and conduct the generated charge carriers laterally to the me...

Statistical learning, anomaly detection, and optimization in self-organizing networks

Liao, Qi (2016)

Self-organizing network, considered as a starting point toward self-aware cognitive network, is an automation technology designed for automated configuring, monitoring, troubleshooting and optimiz...

A dynamic and component-based process scheduler framework for heterogeneous many-core systems

Busse, Anselm (2016)

Since the first decade of the 21st century, improvements in computer performance are no longer achieved through increasing clock rates but parallelization and specialization. As a result, heterogen...

Charakterisierung nanoskaliger Schichtstapel durch eine Kombination aus referenzprobenfreier Röntgenspektroskopie unter streifendem Einfall und der Röntgenreflektometrie

Hönicke, Philipp Werner (2016)

Eine genaue und zerstörungsfreie tiefenabhängige Charakterisierung nanoskaliger Schichtsysteme ist ein essentielles Thema in vielen Bereichen der aktuellen Forschung. Besonders die sogenannten Nano...

Topics in feedback control for ITS applications in Smart Cities

Häusler, Florian (2016)

This thesis introduces new applications from the domain of Intelligent Transportation Systems to address some of the central challenges of urban road traffic. All applications exploit the potential...

Channel investigation of outdoor millimeter-wave access links

Weiler, Richard Jürgen (2016)

This thesis presents measurements, characterizations and modeling approaches of the outdoor millimeter-wave access channel. More specifically, in this thesis I address an overlay concept for millim...

Appendices for: Improper Signaling in Two-Path Relay Channels

Gaafar, Mohamed; Amin, Osama; Schaefer, Rafael. F; Alouini, Mohamed-Slim (2016)

This document contains the appendices for our work which is submitted to 2017 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) Workshop on Full-Duplex Communications for Future Wireless Networ...

A software fault-tolerance mechanism for mixed-critical real-time applications on consumer-grade many-core processors

Munk, Peter (2016)

The number of cores per processor continues to increase due to higher integration rates and smaller feature sizes. This development of many-core processors leads to a higher susceptibility to soft ...

Spatially resolved refractive index detection based on SOI ring resonators

Jäger, Matthias (2016)

This PhD thesis addresses the application of silicon photonics for the examination of thin layers. Due to evanescent fields ring resonators that interact with their surroundings. This is used to ob...

Adaptation algorithms for HTTP-based video streaming

Miller, Konstantin (2016)

Ever since the invention of the cinematography, there has been a growing demand for high-quality video content. Recently, the broad availability of high-speed wireless Internet access, complemented...

Brain-computer interfaces for cognitive neuroscience and advanced mental state assessment

Schultze-Kraft, Matthias (2016)

Advancements in machine learning in combination with fundamental research in cognitive neuroscience have put forth application areas for brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that go beyond communicatio...

On the formal foundations of PUFs and related primitives

Rührmair, Ulrich (2016)

This thesis deals with the formal foundations of so-called “physical unclonable functions” (PUFs) and related, disorder-based cryptographic primitives. We develop formal definitions, lead security...

Matlab Scripts for the Book "Analytic Methods of Sound Field Synthesis"

Ahrens, Jens (2012-06-01)

The present Matlab scripts accompany the book "Analytic Methods of Sound Field Synthesis" by Jens Ahrens. Usage instructions can be found here: http://www.soundfieldsynthesis.org/matlab/