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schmidt_et-al.pdf.jpg2012Online detection of error-related potentials boosts the performance of mental typewritersSchmidt, Nico M.; Blankertz, Benjamin; Treder, Matthias S.-
sanz-rodriguez_diaz-de-maria_2012.pdf.jpg2012In-layer multibuffer framework for rate-controlled scalable video codingSanz-Rodríguez, Sergio; Díaz-de-María, Fernando-
critical_assessment.pdf.jpg2012A critical assessment of the importance of seedling age in the system of rice intensification (sri) in Eastern IndiaDeb, Debal; Lässig, Jörg; Kloft, Marius-
efficient_technique_for_ultra_broadband_linear_power_amplifier_design.pdf.jpg2012Efficient technique for ultra broadband, linear power amplifier designSayed, Ahmed; Preis, Sebastian; Böck, Georg-
2012_marwede_et-al.pdf.jpg2012Future recycling flows of tellurium from cadmium telluride photovoltaic wasteMarwede, Max; Reller, Armin-
bmt-2012-4475.pdf.jpg2012Automatic analysis of systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure of continuous measurement before, during and after sleep arousals in polysomnographic overnight recordingsLerch, Dennis; Orglmeister, Reinhold; Penzel, Thomas-
bmt-2012-4477.pdf.jpg2012Computationally efficient time domain detection algorithm for characteristic points in non invasive continuous blood pressure measurementsLerch, Dennis; Orglmeister, Reinhold-
bmt-2012-4329.pdf.jpg2012Breathing synchronized electrical stimulation of the abdominal muscles in patients with acute tetraplegiaSchauer, Thomas; Stephan, R.; Niedeggen, A.; Liebscher, T.; Dorien, J., et al-
pik-2012-0005.pdf.jpg2012A framework for automated identification of attack scenarios on it infrastructuresCamtepe, Seyit Ahmet; Bsufka, Karsten; Hennig, Leonhard; Simsek, Cihan; Albayrak, Sahin-
Amdahls_law_for_predicting.pdf.jpg2012Amdahl's law for predicting the future of multicores considered harmfulJuurlink, Ben; Meenderinck, Cor-