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10.1007_s11042-016-4097-4.pdf.jpg2016Video processing for panoramic streaming using HEVC and its scalable extensionsSánchez de la Fuente, Yago; Skupin, Robert; Schierl, Thomas-
0278364915592961.pdf.jpg2016A novel type of compliant and underactuated robotic hand for dexterous graspingDeimel, Raphael; Brock, Oliver-
1477153516672719.pdf.jpg2016The effects of glare and inhomogeneous visual fields on contrast detection in the context of drivingWinter, Jan; Fotios, Steve; Völker, Stephan-
winter-etal_2016.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2016Gaze direction when driving after dark on main and residential roads: Where is the dominant location?Winter, Jan; Fotios, Steve; Völker, Stephan-
c5lc00700c.pdf.jpg2016On-chip automation of cell-free protein synthesis: new opportunities due to a novel reaction modeGeorgi, V.; Georgi, Leopold; Blechert, Martin; Bergmeister, Merlin; Zwanzig, Michael, et al-
c6ee01295g.pdf.jpg2016Exceptional long-life performance of lithium-ion batteries using ionic liquid-based electrolytesElia, Giuseppe Antonio; Ulissi, Ulderico; Jeong, Sangsik; Passerini, Stefano; Hassoun, Jusef-
samek_etal_2016.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2016Multiscale temporal neural dynamics predict performance in a complex sensorimotor taskSamek, Wojciech; Blythe, Duncan A. J.; Curio, Gabriel; Klaus-Robert, Müller; Blankertz, Benjamin, et al-
143-621-1-PB.pdf.jpg2016Presenting a Spatial-Geometric EEG Feature to Classify BMD and Schizophrenic PatientsAlimardani, Fatemeh; Boostani, Reza; Blankertz, Benjamin-
sannelli_etal_2016.pdf.jpg17-May-2016Ensembles of adaptive spatial filters increase BCI performance: an online evaluationSannelli, Claudia; Vidaurre, Carmen; Müller, Klaus-Robert; Blankertz, Benjamin-
fnhum-10-00425.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2016The Beat to Read: A Cross-Lingual Link between Rhythmic Regularity Perception and Reading SkillBekius, Annike; Cope, Thomas E.; Grube, Manon-