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stocker_etal_2020.pdf.jpgMar-2020The State of Network Neutrality RegulationStocker, Volker; Smaragdakis, Georgios; Lehr, William-
martin_etal_2020.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2020Combined automotive safety and security pattern engineering approachMartin, Helmut; Ma, Z.; Schmittner, Christoph; Winkler, Bernhard; Krammer, Martin, et al-
c9cp06568g.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2020Vibrational dynamics in lead halide hybrid perovskites investigated by Raman spectroscopyIbaceta-Jaña, Josefa; Muydinov, Ruslan; Rosado, Pamela; Mirhosseini, Hossein; Chugh, Manjusha, et al-
fpsyg-11-00097.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2020How Do Induced Affective States Bias Emotional Contagion to Faces? A Three-Dimensional ModelPinilla, Andrés; Tamayo, Ricardo M.; Neira, Jorge-
sensors-20-00260.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2020Overcoming Bandwidth Limitations in Wireless Sensor Networks by Exploitation of Cyclic Signal Patterns: An Event-triggered Learning ApproachBeuchert, Jonas; Solowjow, Friedrich; Trimpe, Sebastian; Seel, Thomas-
fnhum-14-00030.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2020Using the General Linear Model to Improve Performance in fNIRS Single Trial Analysis and Classification: A Perspectivevon Lühmann, Alexander; Ortega-Martinez, Antonio; Boas, David A.; Yücel, Meryem Ayşe-
pudlitz_etal_2020_published.pdf.jpg6-May-2020What Am I Testing and Where? Comparing Testing Procedures based on Lightweight Requirements AnnotationsPudlitz, Florian; Brokhausen, Florian; Vogelsang, Andreas-
lubricants-08-00029-v2.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2020Friction and Wear Monitoring Methods for Journal Bearings of Geared Turbofans Based on Acoustic Emission Signals and Machine LearningMokhtari, Noushin; Pelham, Jonathan Gerald; Nowoisky, Sebastian; Bote-Garcia, José-Luis; Gühmann, Clemens-
remotesensing-12-00820-v4.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2020Volcanic Hot-Spot Detection Using SENTINEL-2: A Comparison with MODIS−MIROVA Thermal Data SeriesMassimetti, Francesco; Coppola, Diego; Laiolo, Marco; Valade, Sébastien; Cigolini, Corrado, et al-
electronics-09-00422.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2020Brain-Switches for Asynchronous Brain−Computer Interfaces: A Systematic ReviewHan, Chang-Hee; Müller, Klaus-Robert; Hwang, Han-Jeong-