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Recursive dynamic mode decomposition of transient and post-transient wake flows

Noack, Bernd R. ; Stankiewicz, Witold ; Morzyński, Marek ; Schmid, Peter J. (2016)

A novel data-driven modal decomposition of fluid flow is proposed, comprising key features of proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) and dynamic mode decomposition (DMD). The first mode is the normalized real or imaginary part of the DMD mode that minimizes the time-averaged residual. The Nth mode is defined recursively in an analogous manner based on the residual of an expansion using the first...

Weakly nonlinear analysis of thermoacoustic instabilities in annular combustors

Ghirardo, G. ; Juniper, M. P. ; Moeck, Jonas P. (2016)

Rotationally symmetric annular combustors are of practical importance because they generically resemble combustion chambers in gas turbines, in which thermoacoustically driven oscillations are a major concern. We focus on azimuthal thermoacoustic oscillations and model the fluctuating heat release rate as being dependent only on the local pressure in the combustion chamber. We study the dynamic...

Airfoil in a high amplitude oscillating stream

Strangfeld, Christoph ; Müller-Vahl, Hanns ; Nayeri, Christian N. ; Paschereit, C. Oliver ; Greenblatt, D. (2016)

A combined theoretical and experimental investigation was carried out with the objective of evaluating theoretical predictions relating to a two-dimensional airfoil subjected to high amplitude harmonic oscillation of the free stream at constant angle of attack. Current theoretical approaches were reviewed and extended for the purposes of quantifying the bound, unsteady vortex sheet strength alo...

Spectral proper orthogonal decomposition

Sieber, Moritz ; Paschereit, C. Oliver ; Oberleithner, Kilian (2016)

The identification of coherent structures from experimental or numerical data is an essential task when conducting research in fluid dynamics. This typically involves the construction of an empirical mode base that appropriately captures the dominant flow structures. The most prominent candidates are the energy-ranked proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) and the frequency-ranked Fourier decomp...

Mean flow stability analysis of oscillating jet experiments

Oberleithner, Kilian ; Rukes, Lothar ; Soria, Julio (2014)

Linear stability analysis (LSA) is applied to the mean flow of an oscillating round jet with the aim of investigating the robustness and accuracy of mean flow stability wave models. The jet’s axisymmetric mode is excited at the nozzle lip through a sinusoidal modulation of the flow rate at amplitudes ranging from 0.1 % to 100 %. The instantaneous flow field is measured via particle image veloci...

On the impact of swirl on the growth of coherent structures

Oberleithner, Kilian ; Paschereit, C. Oliver ; Wygnanski, I. (2014)

Spatial linear stability analysis is applied to the mean flow of a turbulent swirling jet at swirl intensities below the onset of vortex breakdown. The aim of this work is to predict the dominant coherent flow structure, their driving instabilities and how they are affected by swirl. At the nozzle exit, the swirling jet promotes shear instabilities and, less unstable, centrifugal instabilities....