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Jentzsch_etal_Challenges_2021.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2021Challenges and procedures for experiments with steady and unsteady model velocities in a water towing tankJentzsch, Marvin; Schmidt, Hanns -Joachim; Woszidlo, René; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
fluids-06-00171.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2021Switching Action of a Bistable Fluidic Amplifier for Ultrasonic TestingSchweitzer, Thorge; Hörmann, Marla; Bühling, Benjamin; Bobusch, Bernhard-
Bohon_etal_Dynamic_2020.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2020Dynamic mode decomposition analysis of rotating detonation wavesBohon, Myles D.; Orchini, Alessandro; Bluemner, Richard; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Gutmark, Ephraim J.-
boelke_olaf.pdf.jpg2021Akustische Charakterisierung Nanosekunden-gepulster Plasmasequenzen und deren Verwendung zur Regelung thermoakustischer InstabilitätenBölke, Olaf-
energies-14-00783-v2.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2021Implementation and Validation of an Advanced Wind Energy Controller in Aero-Servo-Elastic Simulations Using the Lifting Line Free Vortex Wake ModelPerez-Becker, Sebastian; Marten, David; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
sustainability-13-00651.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2021TopCycle: A Novel High Performance and Fuel Flexible Gas Turbine CycleDybe, Simeon; Bartlett, Michael; Pålsson, Jens; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis-
1-Sep-2020Experimental investigation of the aerodynamic drag of roof-mounted insulators for trainsTschepe, Jonathan; Maaß, Jörg-Torsten; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Soto-Valle_etal_Determination_2020.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2020Determination of the angle of attack on a research wind turbine rotor blade using surface pressure measurementsSoto-Valle, Rodrigo; Bartholomay, Sirko; Alber, Jörg; Manolesos, Marinos; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Alber_etal_Aerodynamic_2020.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2020Aerodynamic effects of Gurney flaps on the rotor blades of a research wind turbineAlber, Jörg; Soto-Valle, Rodrigo; Manolesos, Marinos; Bartholomay, Sirko; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Schönlau, Marvin; Menzel, Christian; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Twele, Joachim; Fortmann, Jens-
Habicht_etal_Detonation_2020.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2020Detonation initiation by shock focusing at elevated pressure conditions in a pulse detonation combustorHabicht, Fabian E.; Yücel, Fatma C.; Gray, Joshua A. T.; Paschereit, Christian O.-
tanneberger_tom.pdf.jpg2020Investigation of zero-emission hydrogen oxyfuel flamesTanneberger, Tom-
ESE3_ESE3776.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2020An alternative architecture of the Humphrey cycle and the effect of fuel type on its efficiencyStathopoulos, Panagiotis-
Perez-Becker_etal_Blade_2020.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020Is the Blade Element Momentum theory overestimating wind turbine loads? – An aeroelastic comparison between OpenFAST's AeroDyn and QBlade's Lifting-Line Free Vortex Wake methodPerez-Becker, Sebastian; Papi, Francesco; Saverin, Joseph; Marten, David; Bianchini, Alessandro; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
marten_david.pdf.jpg2020QBlade: a modern tool for the aeroelastic simulation of wind turbinesMarten, David-
lennie_matthew.pdf.jpg2020Engineering models and data science for wind energyLennie, Matthew Dale-
bluemner_richard.pdf.jpg2020Operating mode dynamics in rotating detonation combustorsBlümner, Richard-
energies-13-00320.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2020Wake Structures and Surface Patterns of the DrivAer Notchback Car Model under Side Wind ConditionsWieser, Dirk; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
mensah_georg.pdf.jpg2019Efficient computation of thermoacoustic modesMensah, Georg Atta-
Sparse_reduced-order_modelling.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2018Sparse reduced-order modelling: sensor-based dynamics to full-state estimationLoiseau, Jean-Christophe; Noack, Bernd R.; Brunton, Steven L.-
Ostermann_etal_2019.pdf.jpg2019The interaction between a spatially oscillating jet emitted by a fluidic oscillator and a cross-flowOstermann, Florian; Woszidlo, Rene; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
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