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Schafaschek_et_al_2020.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2020Optimal control of timed event graphs with resource sharing and output-reference updateSchafaschek, Germano; Hardouin, Laurent; Raisch, Jörg-
krishna_ajay.pdf.jpg2020Secondary control in inverter-based microgridsKrishna, Ajay-
sensors-20-00260.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2020Overcoming Bandwidth Limitations in Wireless Sensor Networks by Exploitation of Cyclic Signal Patterns: An Event-triggered Learning ApproachBeuchert, Jonas; Solowjow, Friedrich; Trimpe, Sebastian; Seel, Thomas-
trunk_johannes.pdf.jpg2020On the modeling and control of extended timed event graphs in dioidsTrunk, Johannes-
fnins-08-00262.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2014Feedback control of arm movements using Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) combined with a lockable, passive exoskeleton for gravity compensationKlauer, Christian; Schauer, Thomas; Reichenfelser, Werner; Karner, Jakob; Zwicker, Sven; Gandolla, Marta; Ambrosini, Emilia; Ferrante, Simona; Hack, Marco; Jedlitschka, Andreas; Duschau-Wicke, Alexander; Gföhler, Margit; Pedrocchi, Alessandra-
actuators-06-00033-v2.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2017Modeling the Static Force of a Festo Pneumatic Muscle Actuator: A New Approach and a Comparison to Existing ModelsMartens, Mirco; Boblan, Ivo-
actuators-07-00082.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2018A Novel Framework for a Systematic Integration of Pneumatic-Muscle-Actuator-Driven Joints into Robotic Systems Via a Torque Control InterfaceMartens, Mirco; Seel, Thomas; Zawatzki, Johannes; Boblan, Ivo-
s12984-018-0460-1.pdf.jpg29-Dec-2018User-centered practicability analysis of two identification strategies in electrode arrays for FES induced hand motion in early stroke rehabilitationSalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Jankowski, Natalie; Valtin, Markus; Schönijahn, Laura; Böttcher, Sebastian; Dähne, Frank; Schauer, Thomas-
sensors-19-00208-v2.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2019A Tangible Solution for Hand Motion Tracking in Clinical ApplicationsSalchow-Hömmen, Christina; Callies, Leonie; Laidig, Daniel; Valtin, Markus; Schauer, Thomas; Seel, Thomas-
klauer_christian.pdf.jpg2019Feedback-controlled functional electrical stimulation to restore upper extremity functionsKlauer, Christian-
mikolajczyk_etal_2018.pdf.jpg2018Advanced technology for gait rehabilitation: An overviewMikolajczyk, Tadeusz; Ciobanu, Ileana; Badea, Doina Ioana; Iliescu, Alina; Pizzamiglio, Sara; Schauer, Thomas; Seel, Thomas; Seiciu, Petre Lucian; Turner, Duncan L.; Berteanu, Mihai-
Klauer_etal_2017.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2017Enhancing the smoothness of joint motion induced by functional electrical stimulation using co-activation strategiesRuppel, Mirjana; Klauer, Christian; Schauer, Thomas-
truong_ductrung.pdf.jpg2018Stability, voltage performance and power sharing issues of inverter-based microgrids via LMI optimizationTruong, Duc Trung-
bmt.2010.055.pdf.jpg2011Amplifier design for EMG recording from stimulation electrodes during functional electrical stimulation leg cycling ergometryShalaby, Raafat; Schauer, Thomas; Liedecke, Wolfgang; Raisch, Jörg-
bmt-2013-4423.pdf.jpg2013Control of a mobile rehabilitation robot using exact feedback linearisationSchauer, Thomas-
bmt-2013-4124.pdf.jpg2013Continuous wrist blood pressure measurement with ultrasoundWeber, Sarah; Scharfschwerdt, Peter; Schauer, Thomas; Seel, Thomas; Kertzscher, Ulrich; Affeld, Klaus-
bmt-2012-4329.pdf.jpg2012Breathing synchronized electrical stimulation of the abdominal muscles in patients with acute tetraplegiaSchauer, Thomas; Stephan, R.; Niedeggen, A.; Liebscher, T.; Dorien, J.; Seidl, R. O.-
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