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Cybernetification II: toward a sixth ecology

Werner, Liss C. (2018-01-24)

Digital infrastructure and learning algorithms, digital industry and automated services, digital society, humanities, and health converge with the Anthropocene. This mix has given birth to extraordinary challenges; for architecture as discipline, in its role as cultural heritage and as materialized co-evolution of man and machine. Despite of re-modelling and re-designing work-flows to integrate...

A cloud recycling light

Werner, Liss C. (2017-09)

The paper focuses on the question ``How does our built environment, urban culture and architectural production change through humans feeding back into digital systems of pre-fabrication and systems fostering industry 4.0?'' It discusses some risks and possibilities of digitisation and the city in an era of sustainability, networked design methods, production processes and digital communica...

In quest of code

Werner, Liss C. (2015)

Architects who apply their generative modelling and scripting skills for creating virtual and prototypical spaces through the usage of algorithms and bespoke coding are increasingly confronted with an application in the real material world. The article suggests computational design strategies and two different architectural and urban prototypes for an era in which intelligent material, robotic ...

Editorial for Special Issue 'Systema' - Architectural ecologies: code, culture and technology

Werner, Liss C. (2015-10)

This special issue of ‘Systema’, presents eight contributions to the track “Architectural Ecologies: Code, Culture and Technology at the Convergence’ at the European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems research (EMCSR) 2014 in Vienna. It describes one starting point of conversations about habitat, design, decision-making and digital operations from a variety of perspectives developed by archite...

Introduction [to: Cybernetics: state of the art]

Werner, Liss C. (2017)

The Introduction to 'Cybernetics: state of the art' gives an overview of the contributions the first volume of the book series ‘CONVERSATIONS’. ‘CON-VERSATIONS’ is based on and driven by cybernetic principles. It engages with pressing questions for architecture, urban planning, design and infrastructure; in an age of increasing connectivity, AI and robotization; in an evolutionary state of the ...

CYBERNETIFICATION I: Cybernetics Feedback Netgraft in Architecture

Werner, Liss C. (2017)

During the last decades, architecture has changed its role from fetishizing and fertilizing objectification and objects alike towards glamorising the processing of relations, observations and materialization of the 'objectile'. Steering the design process in contemporary computational architecture through and with a variety of dynamic, interconnecting agents affords re-framing, reviewing, and r...

Cybernetics: state of the art

Werner, Liss C. ; Bunschoten, Raoul ; Fantini van Ditmar, Delfina ; Espejo, Raúl ; Hohl, Michael ; Jachna, Timothy ; Jain, Arun ; Khan, Omar ; Kloeckl, Kristian ; Pangaro, Paul (2017)

CYBERNETICS: STATE OF THE ART is the first volume of the book series CON-VERSATIONS. Driven by cybernetic thinking, it engages with pressing questions for architecture, urban planning, design and automated infrastructure; in an age of increasing connectivity, AI and robotization and an evolutionary state of the Anthropocene - perpetuating angst-ridden anxiety as well as excitement and joy of a ...