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Wutreden – Konstruktion einer Gattung in den digitalen Medien

Meier, Simon (2016)

This paper proposes a reception-oriented and discursive concept of genre by using the example of „Wutreden“, i. e. public and medially distributed rants and their coverage in (online) media and Web 2.0. On the basis of a corpus of video recordings and transcriptions of Wutreden as well as comments made by journalists and users, it is shown that neither their linguistic features nor their situat...

Angemessenheit. Pragmatische Perspektiven auf ein linguistisches Bewertungskriterium

Meier, Simon (2015)


The expression of non-actual motion in Swedish, French and Thai

Blomberg, Johan (2015)

Dynamic descriptions of static spatial situations, such as the road goes through the forest have attracted a lot of attention across different semantic theories. Analyses in terms of fictive motion and subjective motion have proposed that such expressions are strongly motivated by universal cognitive and conceptual factors. I present theoretical arguments for the conflation of several different...