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Operational planning, modeling and control of virtual power plants with electric vehicles

Raab, Andreas Franz Alois (2018)

The paradigm shift towards a more sustainable energy supply with a less detrimental environmental impact successively changes the energy sector from a polycentric towards a more distributed energy system. The presence of distributed and renewable energy sources combined with the anticipated electrification of the transport sector results in changes along the entire value chain. This so-called t...

Amplifier design for EMG recording from stimulation electrodes during functional electrical stimulation leg cycling ergometry

Shalaby, Raafat ; Schauer, Thomas ; Liedecke, Wolfgang ; Raisch, Jörg (2011)

Functional electrical stimulation leg cycle ergometry (FESLCE), which is often used as exercise for people with spinal cord injury (SCI), has recently been applied in the motor rehabilitation of stroke patients. Recently completed studies show controversial results, but with a tendency to positive training effects. Current technology is identical to that used in FES-LCE for SCI, whereas the pat...

Recent advances in modeling and analysis of bioelectric and biomagnetic sources

Sander, Tilmann H. ; Knösche, Thomas R. ; Schlögl, Alois ; Kohl, Florian ; Wolters, Carsten H. ; Haueisen, Jens ; Trahms, Lutz (2010)

Determining the centers of electrical activity in the human body and the connectivity between different centers of activity in the brain is an active area of research. To understand brain function and the nature of cardiovascular diseases requires sophisticated methods applicable to non-invasively measured bioelectric and biomagnetic data. As it is difficult to solve for all unknown parameters ...

Control of a mobile rehabilitation robot using exact feedback linearisation

Schauer, Thomas (2013)

This contribution is concerned with the feedback control of a table-placed mobile rehabilitation robot using exact feedback linearisation to precisely track arbitrary position and orientation profiles. An outer control loop exactly linearises and decouples the nonlinear kinematic robot model. This loop also generates reference velocities for the three omnidirectional wheels of the robot that ar...

A novel method for motion artifact removal in wearable ppg sensors based on blind source separation

Pflugradt, Maik ; Rose, Marcus ; Orglmeister, Reinhold (2013)

The recent development of healthcare systems has provided a significant contribution to ambulatory patient monitoring. In that context, signal quality and disturbances induced by noise or motion artifacts play an important role in the field of signal processing tasks. Especially the Photoplethysmogram (PPG) is very liable to movement artifacts which severely hamper the extraction of vital param...

Automatic validation and quality based readjustment of manually scored EEG arousal

Lerch, Dennis ; Penzel, Thomas ; Orglmeister, Reinhold (2013)

A knowledge of arousals during sleep is important to attain a deeper understanding regarding cardiovascular diseases. Manual scoring is time consuming and not always accurate. Automatic approaches are even worse inter alia due to inaccurate learning data. This paper presents an algorithm to improve the accuracy of manually scored data. Also a measure of quality is introduced to judge the automa...

Continuous wrist blood pressure measurement with ultrasound

Weber, Sarah ; Scharfschwerdt, Peter ; Schauer, Thomas ; Seel, Thomas ; Kertzscher, Ulrich ; Affeld, Klaus (2013)

Blood pressure is an important parameter for the development of cardiovascular disease. By monitoring the blood pressure over 24 hours hypertension can be detected and treatment can be started. A new noninvasive long term blood pressure measurement method measures the blood pressure continuously on the wrist using ultrasound, a small balloon and a controller. The pressure is controlled with a v...

Computationally efficient time domain detection algorithm for characteristic points in non invasive continuous blood pressure measurements

Lerch, Dennis ; Orglmeister, Rreinhold (2012)

In this paper a computationally efficient algorithm for continuous blood pressure curve segmentation is presented. It uses only methods in the time domain and can distinguish between systolic, diastolic values and values of calibration steps caused by the continuous blood pressure measuring technique or values of other artefacts. The detection of local extremes, necessary for systolic and diast...

Automatic analysis of systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure of continuous measurement before, during and after sleep arousals in polysomnographic overnight recordings

Lerch, Dennis ; Orglmeister, Reinhold ; Penzel, Thomas (2012)

This paper deals with a detailed examination of sleep arousal events and the corresponding changes of systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure. Arousals are short awakening events during sleep which do not become noticeable for the sleeping person. But the organism increases vital parameters, e.g. the blood pressure. The recreative sleep is disturbed, and the risk factor for cardiovascular d...

Breathing synchronized electrical stimulation of the abdominal muscles in patients with acute tetraplegia

Schauer, Thomas ; Stephan, R. ; Niedeggen, A. ; Liebscher, T. ; Dorien, J. ; Seidl, R. O. (2012)


ECG, PPG and ABP sensor fusion for a PCA-based respiratory activity estimation

Mann, Steffen ; Orglmeister, Reinhold (2012)


On-line learning algorithms for extracting respiratory activity from single lead ECGs based on principal component analysis

Pflugradt, Maik ; Mann, Steffen ; Feller, Viktor ; Orglmeister, Reinhold (2012)

In this paper we present several statistic gradient algorithms from literature to solve the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) problem. We used a linear artificial neural network forming the basis of the implemented algorithms which is a neat way for on-line computation of the PCA expansion. As convergence is a key-aspect of these algorithms and is cru-cial for the usefulness in particular appl...

Online learning algorithms for principal component analysis applied on single-lead ECGs

Pflugradt, Maik ; Mann, Steffen ; Feller, Viktor ; Lu, Yirong ; Orglmeister, Reinhold (2013)

This article evaluates several adaptive approaches to solve the principal component analysis (PCA) problem applied on single-lead ECGs. Recent studies have shown that the principal components can indicate morphologically or environmentally induced changes in the ECG signal and can be used to extract other vital information such as respiratory activity. Special interest is focused on the converg...

Automatic detection and assessment of swallowing based on bioimpedance and electromyography measurements

Nahrstaedt, Holger (2017)

Schluckstörungen komplizieren für die Betroffenen jegliche Nahrungs- und Flüssigkeitsaufnahme und können zu folgenschweren Erkrankungen führen. Durch den Verlust eines normalerweise perfekt koordinierten Zusammenspiels der Muskulatur wird der Kehlkopf und das Zungenbein nicht weit genug oder im falschen Augenblick nach oben und vorne gezogen. Dadurch wird der Zugang zu den unteren Atemwegen nic...

Consensus in multiagent systems

Parada Contzen, Miguel (2017)

During the last decade, the problem of consensus in multiagents systems has been studied with special emphasis on graph theoretical methods. Consensus can be regarded as a control objective in which is sought that all systems, or agents, in a network have an equivalent output value. This is achieved through a given control strategy usually referred to as consensus algorithm. The motivation to s...

The effects of glare and inhomogeneous visual fields on contrast detection in the context of driving

Winter, Jan ; Fotios, Steve ; Völker, Stephan (2016)

An experiment was carried out to investigate how contrast threshold for target detection is affected by the presence of glare and by extraneous light sources using the method of ascending limits. The target was located at either a foveal or a peripheral (10° right) location, glare was adjacent to the foveal location, simulating the headlamps of an oncoming vehicle, and extraneous light sources ...

Verfahren zur optimierten Steuerung und Bewertung von thermischen und elektromobilen Verbrauchern im Intelligenten Netz

Klein, Felix (2017)

Demand Response kann einen wichtigen Beitrag leisten, erneuerbare Energie in das Energieversorgungssystem zu integrieren und die mit der Bereitstellung der elektrischen Energie verbundenen CO2-Emissionen zu senken. Dafür bedarf es einer intelligenten Ansteuerung, die die Nachfrage dieser Verbraucher zu Gunsten der Bedürfnisse des Energieversorgungsnetzes verschiebt. In der vorliegenden Arbeit w...

Entwicklung eines virtuellen Getriebeprüfstands

Röper, Jan (2017)

Um die korrekte Montage und Funktion von Automatgetrieben sicherzustellen, werden diese am Ende der Produktion geprüft. Diese Prüfung wird durch eine Prüfautomatisierung ausgeführt, die mit Hilfe von Prüfprogrammen die Qualität der Getriebe bewertet. Bei der Entwicklung von Prüfautomatisierung und Prüfprogrammen stellt die Verfügbarkeit von Prüfstand und Prüfling eine Einschränkung dar. Insbeso...

Ein schnelles und genaues Simulationsmodell für permanentmagneterregte Kommutatormotoren kleiner Leistung mit Zahnspulen unter Berücksichtigung nichtlinearer Eigenschaften

Wolz, Christoph (2017)

Die vorliegende Arbeit präsentiert ein virtuelles Motormodell (kurz: VRAM – virtual rapid analysis model) für permanentmagneterregte Gleichstrommotoren nach einer Reduced-Order-Model-Methode, d. h. die Komplexität einer FEM-Berechnung wird signifikant herabgesetzt. Mit einer neu entwickelten Berechnungs-Methode (kurz: RCM – rapid calculation method) wird mit Hilfe von Lookup-Tabellen die Überla...

Blendung durch Kfz-Scheinwerfer im nächtlichen Straßenverkehr

Völker, Stephan (2017)

Eine der häufigsten Unfallursachen im nächtlichen Straßenverkehr ist das durch Blendung eingeschränkte Seh- und Erkennungsvermögen. Langjährige Versuchsreihen im Labor bzw. Lichtkanal sowie auf realen Verkehrsflächen bilden neben einer umfangreichen Literaturrecherche das Fundament für dieses Buch. Ziel ist eine exaktere Klärung der komplexen Zusammenhänge, denen bis heute weltweit aufwändige F...