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Automatic detection and assessment of swallowing based on bioimpedance and electromyography measurements

Nahrstaedt, Holger (2017)

Schluckstörungen komplizieren für die Betroffenen jegliche Nahrungs- und Flüssigkeitsaufnahme und können zu folgenschweren Erkrankungen führen. Durch den Verlust eines normalerweise perfekt koordinierten Zusammenspiels der Muskulatur wird der Kehlkopf und das Zungenbein nicht weit genug oder im falschen Augenblick nach oben und vorne gezogen. Dadurch wird der Zugang zu den unteren Atemwegen nic...

Consensus in multiagent systems

Parada Contzen, Miguel (2017)

During the last decade, the problem of consensus in multiagents systems has been studied with special emphasis on graph theoretical methods. Consensus can be regarded as a control objective in which is sought that all systems, or agents, in a network have an equivalent output value. This is achieved through a given control strategy usually referred to as consensus algorithm. The motivation to s...

The effects of glare and inhomogeneous visual fields on contrast detection in the context of driving

Winter, Jan ; Fotios, Steve ; Völker, Stephan (2016)

An experiment was carried out to investigate how contrast threshold for target detection is affected by the presence of glare and by extraneous light sources using the method of ascending limits. The target was located at either a foveal or a peripheral (10° right) location, glare was adjacent to the foveal location, simulating the headlamps of an oncoming vehicle, and extraneous light sources ...

Verfahren zur optimierten Steuerung und Bewertung von thermischen und elektromobilen Verbrauchern im Intelligenten Netz

Klein, Felix (2017)

Demand Response kann einen wichtigen Beitrag leisten, erneuerbare Energie in das Energieversorgungssystem zu integrieren und die mit der Bereitstellung der elektrischen Energie verbundenen CO2-Emissionen zu senken. Dafür bedarf es einer intelligenten Ansteuerung, die die Nachfrage dieser Verbraucher zu Gunsten der Bedürfnisse des Energieversorgungsnetzes verschiebt. In der vorliegenden Arbeit w...

Ein schnelles und genaues Simulationsmodell für permanentmagneterregte Kommutatormotoren kleiner Leistung mit Zahnspulen unter Berücksichtigung nichtlinearer Eigenschaften

Wolz, Christoph (2017)

Die vorliegende Arbeit präsentiert ein virtuelles Motormodell (kurz: VRAM – virtual rapid analysis model) für permanentmagneterregte Gleichstrommotoren nach einer Reduced-Order-Model-Methode, d. h. die Komplexität einer FEM-Berechnung wird signifikant herabgesetzt. Mit einer neu entwickelten Berechnungs-Methode (kurz: RCM – rapid calculation method) wird mit Hilfe von Lookup-Tabellen die Überla...

Messtechnische Bewertung weißer LED-Leuchten

Bensel, Silvia (2017)

Mit dem Einzug der LED (engl. Light Emitting Diode) in die Allgemeinbeleuchtung wächst der Bedarf an einer vollständigen Charakterisierung moderner Lampen und Leuchten. Dies erfordert die Entwicklung neuer Mess- und Darstellungsmethoden sowie die Ableitung geeigneter Kennzahlen. Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Arbeit wird die winkelabhängige spektrale Verteilung von weißen leuchtstoffkonvertierten L...

A fast multimodal ectopic beat detection method applied for blood pressure estimation based on pulse wave velocity measurements in wearable sensors

Pflugradt, Maik ; Geißdörfer, Kai ; Görnig, Matthias ; Orglmeister, Reinhold (2017-01-14)

Automatic detection of ectopic beats has become a thoroughly researched topic, with literature providing manifold proposals typically incorporating morphological analysis of the electrocardiogram (ECG). Although being well understood, its utilization is often neglected, especially in practical monitoring situations like online evaluation of signals acquired in wearable sensors. Continuous blood...

Motor design for maximum material exploitation and magnetization procedure with in-line quality check for mass production

Dinca, Christian (2017)

To reduce the amount of Rare-earth Elements in high efficient permanent magnet electric motors, the magnetic stray flux has to be reduced. Additonally, a temperature reduction inside the motor reduces the necessary amount of the so called Heavy Rare-earth Elements, which account for the bulk part of the magnet material costs. In this thesis a permanent magnet motor in wet rotor configuration fo...

Topics in feedback control for ITS applications in Smart Cities

Häusler, Florian (2016)

This thesis introduces new applications from the domain of Intelligent Transportation Systems to address some of the central challenges of urban road traffic. All applications exploit the potential of recent developments in the automotive field, in particular vehicular networks, new kinds of vehicles such as electric and full hybrid vehicles and results from networked control theory. By setti...

Modeling techniques and control strategies for inverter dominated microgrids

Gkountaras, Aris (2017)

The character of modern power systems is changing rapidly and inverters are taking over a considerable part of the energy generation. A future purely inverter-based grid could be a viable solution, if its technical feasibility can be first validated. The focus of this work lies on inverter dominated microgrids, which are also mentioned as 'hybrid' in several instances throughout the thesis. Hyb...

Model-based calibration of automated transmissions

Huang, Hua (2016)

With continuous restrictions on emission standards and demands for higher driving comfort, the calibration of shift quality is linked deeply and widely to automated transmission control algorithms. This calibration process is typically implemented with real vehicles on the road under poorly reproducible conditions, where the calibration engineer has no other choice but to try different control ...

9. Symposium Licht und Gesundheit


Zusammenstellung der Konferenzbeiträge des 9. Symposiums Licht und Gesundheit des Fachgebietes Lichttechnik der TU Berlin. Das Symposium fand am 6. und 7.10.2016 im Forum Treptow in Berlin statt und wurde als Gemeinschaftstagung mit der BioWi durchgeführt.

Verfahren zur Identifikation nichtlinearer dynamischer Getriebemodelle

Nowoisky, Sebastian (2016)

Modern cars are increasingly complex when they reach their customers. The automation of the powertrain makes it possible to balance the main development targets dynamic, comfort and reduced consumption. With an average development cycle of approximately 3 years for a vehicle and a global division of labor, the model-based development is state of the art. The parameter of new gearbox models are ...

On the Foundations of dynamic coalitions

Arbach, Youssef (2016)

Dynamic Coalitions denote a temporary collaboration between different entities to achieve a common goal. A key feature that distinguishes Dynamic Coalitions from static coalitions is Dynamic Membership, where new members can join and others can leave after a coalition is set. This thesis studies workflows in Dynamic Coalitions, by analyzing their features, highlighting their unique characterist...

Daylighting and electric lighting retrofit solutions

Knoop, Martine ; Aktuna, Berat ; Bueno, Bruno ; Darula, Stanislav ; Deneyer, Arnaud ; Diakite, Aicha ; Fuhrmann, Peter ; Geisler-Moroder, David ; Hubschneider, Carolin ; Johnsen, Kjeld ; Kostro, Andre ; Malikova, Marta ; Matusiak, Barbara ; Prella, Patrick ; Pohl, Wilfried ; Tao, Luo ; Tetri, Eino (2016)

Energy efficient lighting is said to be one of the most cost-effective approaches to save energy and reduce C02 emissions. In order to stimulate the application of lighting retrofits of good quality, IEA Task 50, Subtask B “Daylighting and Electric Lighting solutions” has looked into the assessment of existing and new technical retrofit solutions in the field of façade and daylighting technolog...

A system for purely capacitive in-vivo neural tissue interfacing with high spatiotemporal resolution

Schröder, Sven (2016)

In this work a measurement system is developed for purely capacitive in-vivo recording and stimulation of neural activity with high spatiotemporal resolution. For this purpose needle chips are developed based on a standard CMOS process extended by specific post-CMOS processes. The needle chips provide multi electrode arrays of up to 256 recording sites/channels or 100 recording sites/channels a...

Control and optimization of a DC-DC converter for thermoelectric generators

Carstens, Jan Hendrik Hermann (2016)

The internal combustion engine is of fundamental importance for individual mobility. The demand for internal combustion engines increases in relation to population growth and fuel consumption. At present, alternative drive concepts using sustainable energies only play a secondary role in mobility. Consequently, the governments enact laws to determine more restrictive emission limit values, ther...

Jahresbericht 2015/2016


Der Jahresbericht informiert über Lehrveranstaltungen, aktuelle Forschungsvorhaben, Projekte sowie Veranstaltungen am Fachgebiet und gibt einen Überblick über Mitarbeiter, Publikationen und Gremientätigkeiten.

Learning control and inertial realtime gait analysis in biomedical applications

Seel, Thomas (2016)

Improved medical diagnosis and treatment can be achieved by combining modern technologies with well-developed methods. This dissertation aims for deriving new methods that facilitate the use of inertial measurement units and learning control techniques in biomedical systems and at demonstrating how advanced diagnosis and treatment systems can be designed by incorporating these technologies. To...

Maximum power point controller for thermoelectric generators to support a vehicle power supply

Carstens, Jan Hendrik ; Gühmann, Clemens (2015-06-11)

The growing mobility increases the world-wide fuel consumption. Yet the amount of fossil fuel is limited and the environmental burden is increasing dramatically as well. Many governments have enacted laws to regulate and reduce the fuel consumption as well as the CO2 emissions of combustion engines. An idea to save fuel and to reduce the environmental burden is to use thermoelectric generators ...