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Accessing the dark exciton spin in deterministic quantum-dot microlenses

Heindel, Tobias ; Thoma, Alexander ; Schwartz, Ido ; Schmidgall, Emma R. ; Gantz, Liron ; Cogan, Dan ; Strauß, Max ; Schnauber, Peter ; Gschrey, Manuel ; Schulze, Jan-Hindrik ; Strittmatter, Andre ; Rodt, Sven ; Gershoni, David ; Reitzenstein, Stephan (2017)

The dark exciton state in semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) constitutes a long-lived solid-state qubit which has the potential to play an important role in implementations of solid-state-based quantum information architectures. In this work, we exploit deterministically fabricated QD microlenses which promise enhanced photon extraction, to optically prepare and read out the dark exciton spin and...