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Compiling Modelica

Höger, Christoph (2019)

The equation-based object-oriented modeling language Modelica is an openly accessible standard with many implementations and applications. Most, if not all, tools that execute a Modelica simulation follow a common scheme: Models are loaded, composed, analyzed, and transformed into a system of equations. This system is then further simplified, translated into efficient code, and simulated....

A rapid prototyping environment for cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Massow, Kay ; Radusch, Ilja (2018-03-20)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) were strong innovation drivers in recent years, towards the enhancement of traffic safety and efficiency. Today’s ADAS adopt an autonomous approach with all instrumentation and intelligence on board of one vehicle. However, to further enhance their benefit, ADAS need to cooperate in the future, using communication technologies. The resulting combination...