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Experimental investigation of an oscillating compressor cascade in the case of aerodynamic mistuning

Malzacher, Leonie (2021)

An experimental investigation has been carried out at an oscillating compressor cascade at the chair for Aero Engines of the Technische Universit at Berlin in Germany. The investigation focuses on the effect of aerodynamic mistuning on aeroelastic stability in a compressor cascade. Aerodynamic mistuning can occur due to manufacturing errors, blade mounting or repair and alters geometrical param...

Numerical Assessment of Virtual Control Surfaces for Load Alleviation on Compressor Blades

Motta, Valentina ; Malzacher, Leonie ; Peitsch, Dieter (2018-01-17)

Virtual control surfaces for the optimization of steady and unsteady airloads on a compressor cascade are assessed numerically. The effects of mechanical surfaces are realized with plasma actuators, located both on the pressure and on the suction side of the blade trailing edge. Suction side plasma actuation is thought to reproduce the effects of mechanical wing spoilers, whereas pressure side ...

Aeroelastic assessment of a highly loaded high pressure compressor exposed to pressure gain combustion disturbances

Bicalho Civinelli de Almeida, Victor ; Peitsch, Dieter (2018-10-15)

A numerical aeroelastic assessment of a highly loaded high pressure compressor exposed to flow disturbances is presented in this paper. The disturbances originate from novel, inherently unsteady, pressure gain combustion processes, such as pulse detonation, shockless explosion, wave rotor or piston topping composite cycles. All these arrangements promise to reduce substantially the specific fue...

Physics of prestall propagating disturbances in axial compressors and their potential as a stall warning indicator

Eck, Mario ; Geist, Silvio ; Peitsch, Dieter (2017)

Axial compressors in aero engines are prone to suffering a breakdown of orderly flow when operating at the peak of the pressure rise characteristic. The damaging potential of separated flows is why a safe distance has to be left between every possible operating point and an operating point at which stall occurs. During earlier investigations of stall inception mechanisms, a new type of prestall...