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An ALE method for penetration into sand utilizing optimization-based mesh motion

Aubram, Daniel ; Rackwitz, Frank ; Wriggers, Peter ; Savidis, Stavros A. (2015)

The numerical simulation of penetration into sand is one of the most challenging problems in computational geomechanics. The paper presents an arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian (ALE) finite element method for plane and axisymmetric quasi-static penetration into sand which overcomes the problems associated with the classical approaches. An operator-split is applied which breaks up solution of the go...

Homogeneous equilibrium model for geomechanical multi-material flow with compressible constituents

Aubram, Daniel (2016-04-09)

Multi-material flow generally describes a situation where several distinct materials separated by sharp material interfaces undergo large deformations. In order to model such flow situations in the context of geomechanics and geotechnical engineering, a theoretical framework is presented which introduces a possible two-phase coupled saturated granular material behavior among the different mater...

Nichtummantelte Sandsäulen in weichen Böden mit hohem organischen Anteil

Ney, Marcel (2018)

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden 20 klein- als auch großmaßstäbliche Modellversuche durchgeführt. Deren Ergebnisse wurden für einen Modifikationsansatz eines analytischen Bemessungsverfahrens genutzt. Es konnte nachgewiesen werden, dass unter Laborbedingungen kein Ausbauchen nichtummantelter Sandsäulen stattfindet. Es wurden wesentliche praxisrelevante Parameter variiert und deren Einflussauf ...

Influence of Poroelasticity on the 3D Seismic Response of Complex Geological Media

Wuttke, Frank ; Dineva, Petia ; Fontara, Ioanna-Kleoniki (2017)

Elastic wave propagation in 3D poroelastic geological media with localized heterogeneities, such as an elastic inclusion and a canyon is investigated to visualize the modification of local site responses under consideration of water saturated geomaterial. The extended computational environment herein developed is a direct Boundary Integral Equation Method (BIEM), based on the frequency-dependen...