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Broadband concepts for high efficiency microwave power amplifiers using Gallium nitride technology

Arnous, Mohammed Tareq (2019)

Power amplifier units are the most important components in mobile radio base stations (RBSs). Their performance affects the overall performance of the base station in terms of output power and efficiency. A special high interest is the combination of high efficiency and wide bandwidth. This dissertation is dedicated to this central problem. First, the design and characterization of a single-end...

Octave bandwidth S- and C-band GaN-HEMT power amplifiers for future 5G communication

Rautschke, Felix ; May, Stefan ; Drews, Sebastian ; Maaßen, Daniel ; Böck, Georg (2018-06-21)

In this contribution, a design methodology for octave-bandwidth power amplifiers (PA) for 5G communication systems using surface mount dual-flat-no-lead packaged gallium-nitride high-electron-mobility transistor devices is presented. Systematic source- and load-pull simulations have been used to find the optimum impedances across 75% fractional bandwidth for S- (1.9–4.2 GHz) and C-band (3.8–8.4...

Multi-Octave bandwidth, 100 W GaN power amplifier using planar transmission line transformer

Arnous, Mhd Tareq ; Zhang, Zihui ; Rautschke, Felix ; Böck, Georg (2017)

In this paper, design, implementation, and experimental results of efficient, high-power, and multi-octave gallium nitride-high electron mobility transistor power amplifier are presented. To overcome the low optima source/load impedances of a large transistor, various topologies of a broadside-coupled impedance transformer are simulated, implemented, and measured. The used transformer has a fla...

GaN-HEMT power amplifiers and smart transmitters for Ku-band satellite communication

Maaßen, Daniel (2018)

Within this contribution the design, implementation, and experimental results of a satellite communication (SatCom) power amplifier (PA), block upconverter (BUC) as well as an evaluation within the satellite link are described. Three Ku-band GaN-HEMT PAs are presented. A two stage design approach with two 250 nm bare-die devices has been chosen to achieve a considerably high saturated gain of 1...

24 GHz low-power switch-channel CMOS transceiver for wireless localization

Zhang, Tao ; Hamidian, Amin ; Shu, Ran ; Subramanian, Viswanathan (2014)

A 24 GHz low-power transceiver is designed, fabricated, and characterized using 130 nm complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process. The designed transceiver is targeted for frequency-modulated-continuous-wave (FMCW) wireless local positioning. The transceiver includes four switchable receiving channels, one transmitting channel and local-oscillator generation circuitries. Several pow...

Evaluation of GaN-HEMT power amplifiers using BST-based components for load modulation

Arnous, Mhd. Tareq ; Wiens, Alex ; Saad, Paul ; Preis, Sebastian ; Zhang, Zihui ; Jakoby, Rolf ; Böck, Georg (2014)

In this paper, the concept of load-modulated power amplifiers (PAs) is studied. Two GaN-HEMT power amplifiers (PAs), targeted for high efficiency at maximum and output back-off (OBO) power levels, are designed, implemented, and tested across 1.8–2.2 GHz. The load modulation in the first design is realized by tuning the shunt capacitors in the output matching network. A novel method is employed ...

Design and analysis of 80-W wideband asymmetrical Doherty amplifier

Bathich, Khaled ; Böck, Georg (2014)

This paper presents the analysis and design of a wideband asymmetrical Doherty amplifier. The frequency response of the output combining network of the Doherty amplifier with arbitrary back-off level configuration is analyzed. Other bandwidth-limiting factors were discussed and analyzed as well. A number of performance enhancement techniques were taken into consideration to obtain high and flat...

A 60 GHz fully differential LNA in 90 nm CMOS technology

Malignaggi, Andrea ; Hamidian, Amin ; Böck, Georg (2013)

The present paper presents a fully differential 60 GHz four stages low-noise amplifier for wireless applications. The amplifier has been optimized for low-noise, high-gain, and low-power consumption, and implemented in a 90 nm low-power CMOS technology. Matching and common-mode rejection networks have been realized using shielded coplanar transmission lines. The amplifier achieves a peak small-...

Efficient technique for ultra broadband, linear power amplifier design

Sayed, Ahmed ; Preis, Sebastian ; Böck, Georg (2012)

In this paper, a 10 W ultra-broadband GaN power amplifier (PA) is designed, fabricated, and tested. The suggested design technique provides a more accurate starting point for matching network synthesis and better prediction of achievable circuit performance. A negative-image model was used to fit the extracted optimum impedances based on source-/load-pull technique and multi-section impedance m...