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Estimating causal effects by utilizing exogenous variation to limit the self-selection problem

Repasky, Tomas (2021)

Economic theory and empirical economic research are driven by the desire to unearth casual relationships that steer and/or are a consequence of actions of agents in a market-based economy. Estimating causal effect, however, is made difficult by the ability and desire of subjects to self-select in and out of treatment. In this thesis, I have utilized large exogenous shock as well as an unexpecte...

Real estate listings and their usefulness for hedonic regressions

Kolbe, Jens ; Schulz, Rainer ; Wersing, Martin ; Werwatz, Axel (2021-01-13)

Real estate platforms provide a new source of data which has already been used as a substitute for transaction data in hedonic regression applications. This paper asks whether it is valid to do so in the established research areas of (1) willingness to pay estimation, (2) automated valuations, and (3) price index construction. It therefore compares listings and transaction data and regression r...

Zur Entwicklung der Berliner Industriebetriebe der Jahre 2003 bis 2012 im Vergleich deutscher Agglomerationsräume unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Arbeitsplatzdynamik und der Modernisierung des industriellen Produktportfolios

Voshage, Ramona (2020)

Die Arbeit befasst sich mit strukturellen Wandlungsprozessen der deutschen Industrie, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf regionale Unterschiede gelegt wird. Berlin, welches im Zuge der Wiedervereinigung sowohl einen ehemaligen West- als auch einen ehemaligen Ostteil und damit zwei Gebiete mit völlig unterschiedlichen Ausgangsbedingungen umfasst, steht im Fokus der Analyse. Durch den Zusammenbruch der p...

Empirical essays on the role of stars in collaborative organizations

Thomas, Arne (2019)

Inspired by the challenges modern organizations face when integrating the talent of their "best and brightest" into increasingly interdependent processes, this dissertation analyzes the role of stars in collaborative organizations. In three independent essays, I investigate (1) how stars affect team performance and what mechanisms are at play, (2) how temporary star absence provides new opportu...

Identifying Berlin’s land value map using adaptive weights smoothing

Kolbe, Jens ; Schulz, Rainer ; Wersing, Martin ; Werwatz, Axel (2015)

We use adaptive weights smoothing (AWS) of Polzehl and Spokoiny (J R Stat Soc Ser B 62:335–354, 2000; Ann Stat 31:30–57, 2003; Probab Theory Relat Fields 135:335–362, 2006) to estimate a map of land values for Berlin, Germany. Our data are prices of undeveloped land that was transacted between 1996 and 2009. Even though the observed land price is an indicator of the respective land value, it is...

The greener, the happier?

Krekel, Christian ; Kolbe, Jens ; Wüstemann, Henry (2016)

We investigate the effect of urban land use on residential well-being in major German cities, using panel data from the German Socio-Economic Panel and cross-section data from the European Urban Atlas. We reduce concerns about endogeneity by employing fixed-effects (within) estimators, with individual and city of residence fixed effects, while controlling for a rich set of observables. The resu...