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Design of a cooperative overtaking algorithm for platoons on freeways

Strunz, Martin (2021)

Platooning can improve road safety, optimize traffic flow, and raise the driver’s comfort. However, when a platoon is stuck behind a slower vehicle, the total travel time is significantly increased. Overtaking as a whole platoon is a complicated maneuver and there is no communication-based algorithm for this task so far. Therefore, we design such a cooperative overtaking algorithm for platoons ...

Robust learning in wireless networks

Awan, Daniyal Amir (2021)

This work studies robust learning in dynamic wireless environments. Modern wireless data networks are complex and modeling their behavior accurately is difficult. As a result, machine learning and artificial intelligence have been making significant inroads into wireless networks. State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms (e.g., neural networks) assume a stationary learning environment and t...

ISP traffic management via flow optimization

Akonjang, Emmanuel Obi (2019)

A major challenge that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) face today, is the growing traffic volume that they must handle. The situation becomes even more complex, as users' demands become more volatile or when new application trends emerge that fundamentally change traffic dynamics and composition. Thus, ISPs are always compelled to deal with such changes, in a proper, effcient, and timely ...

Multi-channel RSS measurements on TWIST

Ergin, Mustafa Onur (2018-02-01)

Internet of Things (IoT) systems, including Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), are getting integrated into virtually all aspects of life faster than before. These systems are used from agricultural monitoring and actuation to manufacturing plants. Such wireless networks play a critical role in home and health applications as well as security and asset tracking. The knowledge of physical position ...

Relative node position discovery in wireless sensor networks

Ergin, Mustafa Onur (2018)

Die Geschwindigkeit, mit der sich Internet-of-Things (IoT) Systeme, wie z.B. kabellose Sensornetzwerke (Wireless Sensor Networks - WSN) in nahezu allen Bereich des täglichen Lebens ausbreiten steigt rasant an. In der Landwirtschaft und der Industriellen Fertigung werden durch solche Systeme zunehmend Monitoring Anwendungen realisiert. Smart-Home und Gesundheitsapplikationen werden durch sie übe...