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zamm.202000277.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2021Inverse analysis of metamaterials and parameter determination by means of an automatized optimization problemShekarchizadeh, Navid; Abali, Bilen Emek; Barchiesi, Emilio; Bersani, Alberto Maria-
Abali_Barchiesi_Additive_2020.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2020Additive manufacturing introduced substructure and computational determination of metamaterials parameters by means of the asymptotic homogenizationAbali, Bilen Emek; Barchiesi, Emilio-
Yang_Müller_Size_2021.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2020Size effects of mechanical metamaterials: a computational study based on a second-order asymptotic homogenization methodYang, Hua; Müller, Wolfgang H.-
Abali_etal_Thermo-mechano-chemical_2020.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2020Thermo-mechano-chemical modeling and computation of thermosetting polymers used in post-installed fastening systems in concrete structuresAbali, Bilen Emek; Vorel, Jan; Wan-Wendner, Roman-
Stahn_etal_2020.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2020Distances of stiffnesses to symmetry classesStahn, Oliver; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Bertram, Albrecht-
Abali_Savaş_Experimental_2020.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2020Experimental validation of computational fluid dynamics for solving isothermal and incompressible viscous fluid flowAbali, Bilen Emek; Savaş, Ömer-
Yang_etal_Effective_2020.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2020Effective strain gradient continuum model of metamaterials and size effects analysisYang, Hua; Timofeev, Dmitry; Giorgio, Ivan; Müller, Wolfgang H.-
1-Mar-2021Computation of brittle fracture propagation in strain gradient materials by the FEniCS libraryBarchiesi, Emilio; Yang, Hua; Tran, C. A.; Placidi, Luca; Müller, Wolfgang H.-
Morozov_etal_Experimental_2020.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2020Experimental and theoretical studies of Cu-Sn intermetallic phase growth during high-temperature storage of eutectic SnAg interconnectsMorozov, Aleksandr; Freidin, A. B.; Klinkov, V. A.; Semencha, A. V.; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Hauck, T.-
morozov_aleksandr.pdf.jpg2021Numerical and analytical studies of kinetics, equilibrium, and stability of the chemical reaction fronts in deformable solidsMorozov, Aleksandr-
1-Jan-2021Commented translation of Erwin Schrödinger’s paper ‘On the dynamics of elastically coupled point systems’ (Zur Dynamik elastisch gekoppelter Punktsysteme)Mühlich, Uwe; Abali, Bilen Emek; dell’Isola, Francesco-
glane_sebastian.pdf.jpg2021Variations in the length of day of the earth due to topographic core-mantle coupling in a stratified layerGlane, Sebastian-
SMLL_SMLL202003010.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2020ZnO/Nanocarbons‐Modified Fibrous Scaffolds for Stem Cell‐Based Osteogenic DifferentiationXia, Yi; Fan, Xin; Yang, Hua; Li, Ling; He, Chao; Cheng, Chong; Haag, Rainer-
ZAMM_ZAMM202000117.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2020Thence the moment of momentumMüller, Wolfgang H.; Rickert, Wilhelm; Vilchevskaya, Elena N.-
macha_etal_2017.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2017Kinetics and the Theoretical Aspects of Drug Release from PLA/HAp Thin FilmsMacha, Innocent J.; Ben-Nissan, Besim; Müller, Wolfgang-
Abali-2019-PAMM.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2019Coupling and computation of electromagnetism and mechanicsAbali, Bilen Emek-
Georgievskii_et_al-2019-ZAMM.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2019Thin‐layer inertial effects in plasticity and dynamics in the Prandtl problemGeorgievskii, Dmitri V.; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Abali, Bilen Emek-
Rickert_et_al-2020-ZAMM.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2019A note on couette flow of nematic crystals according to the Ericksen–Leslie theoryRickert, Wilhelm; Vilchevskaya, Elena N.; Müller, Wolfgang H.-
piekny_florian.pdf.jpg2019Analysis and development of a monolithic computational approach for fluid–structure interaction by means of the finite element methodPiekny, Florian-
jtech-d-16-0248.1.pdf.jpg2017A System for Retrieval and Incubation of Benthic Sediment Cores at In Situ Ambient Pressure and under Controlled or Manipulated Environmental ConditionsJackson, Keith; Witte, Ursula; Chalmers, Stewart; Anders, Erik; Parkes, John-
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