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Microbial Signatures in Deep CO2-Saturated Miocene Sediments of the Active Hartoušov Mofette System (NW Czech Republic)

Liu, Qi ; Adler, Karsten ; Lipus, Daniel ; Kämpf, Horst ; Bussert, Robert ; Plessen, Birgit ; Schulz, Hans-Martin ; Krauze, Patryk ; Horn, Fabian ; Wagner, Dirk ; Mangelsdorf, Kai ; Alawi, Mashal (2020-12-14)

The Hartoušov mofette system is a natural CO2 degassing site in the central Cheb Basin (Eger Rift, Central Europe). In early 2016 a 108 m deep core was obtained from this system to investigate the impact of ascending mantle-derived CO2 on indigenous deep microbial communities and their surrounding life habitat. During drilling, a CO2 blow out occurred at a depth of 78.5 meter below surface (mbs...

Compositional alterations of petroleum as a result of expulsion and migration in the North Sea Central Graben petroleum system

Ziegs, Volker (2018)

The Mandal Formation, the principal source rock in the well-explored North Sea Central Graben, has been identified as a locally very inefficient expeller of its generated products, although having charged numerous petroleum accumulations in that basin. This unusual behaviour for marine shales makes the Mandal Formation an interesting natural laboratory to re-assess the factors controlling gener...

A dataset of housing market and self-attitudestowards housing location choices in Alexandria, Egypt

Ibrahim, Mohamed R. (2017-03-09)

A survey, of sample size 224, is designed to include the different related-factors to housing location choice, such as; socioeconomic factors, housing characteristics, travel behavior, current self-selection factors, housing demand and future location preferences. It comprises 16 questions, categorized into three different sections; socioeconomic (5 Questions), current dwelling unit characteris...

Sedimentology and diagenesis of lower and upper carboniferous sediments in the North German Basin

Kerschke, Dorit Ines (2016)

158 samples from core material of thirteen former oil and gas exploration wells provided by the Federal Geological Surveys of Brandenburg (LBGR), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (LUNG), Sachsen-Anhalt (LABG), Nordrhein-Westfalen (GD-NRW), and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Additional samples were taken in outcrops along the northern margin of the Rhenish Slate Mounta...

Sedimentology and diagenesis of lower and upper carboniferous sediments in the North German Basin

Kerschke, Dorit Ines (2016)

Carboniferous organic-rich mudrocks are proven source rocks for conventional gas systems in Northwestern Europe and have sourced most of the gas found in the Rotliegend sandstones (di Primio et al., 2008). They are therefore considered as one of the stratigraphic horizons in the North German Basin that potentially could host unconventional gas occurrences. Recent gas-in-place (GIP) estimates of...