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Near‐surface fault detection using high‐resolution shear wave reflection seismics at the CO2CRC Otway Project site, Australia

Beilecke, Thies ; Krawczyk, Charlotte M. ; Ziesch, Jennifer ; Tanner, David C. (2016-07-28)

High‐resolution, near‐surface, shear wave reflection seismic measurements were carried out in November 2013 at the CO2CRC Otway Project site, Victoria, Australia, with the aim to determine whether and, if so, where deeper faults reach the near subsurface. From a previous P wave 3‐D reflection seismic data set that was concentrated on a reservoir at 2 km depth, we can only interpret faults up to...

Geological 3-D model as 3-D PDF and mve files

Ziesch, Jennifer (2016)

The 3-D PDF shows the 3-D model, including all interpreted stratigraphic horizons and faults as triangulated surfaces. To activate the 3-D PDF, the user has to click once in the black background and wait. After a few seconds it should be possible to get a 360° view around the 3-D model and to toggle horizons/faults/wells on and off. In a standard PDF viewer it is possible to create custom 2-D s...

Prediction of seismic and sub-seismic deformation to ensure carbon traps in the Otway Basin, Australia

Ziesch, Jennifer (2016)

In the framework of CO2 capture and storage (CCS), it is important to determine fluid migration pathways that occur between reservoir and surface, because this allows an estimation of the long-term storage integrity. This cumulative thesis deals with this topic and is embedded in the PROTECT (PRediction Of deformation To Ensure Carbon Traps) project. The project cooperates with Australia’s firs...