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Main Title: BRAS - Benchmark for Room Acoustical Simulation
Author(s): Aspöck, Lukas
Brinkmann, Fabian
Ackermann, David
Weinzierl, Stefan
Vorländer, Michael
Type: Audio
Language Code: en
Abstract: The Benchmark for Room Acoustical Simulation (BRAS) contains eleven acoustical scenes that are intended for the evaluation of room acoustical simulation software. This comprises simple scenes that isolate certain acoustic phenomena, as well as complex environments of different shape and size. Each scene consists of a scene description giving the room geometry, and the positions of the acoustic sources and receivers, the corresponding source and receiver characteristics, the description of the acoustic materials by means of absorption and scattering coefficients, and the measured single channel and binaural impulse responses.
Issue Date: 15-May-2019
Date Available: 19-Mar-2018
DDC Class: 534 Schall und verwandte Schwingungen
Subject(s): Room acoustic simulation
virtual acoustic
Sponsor/Funder: DFG, FOR 1557, Simulation and Evaluation of Acoustical Environments (SEACEN)
Notes: Increased the level of detail in the 3D models and added scale pictures of scene details. Added directivity data for the dodecahedral speaker. Added fitted absorption coefficients that result in an Eyring reverberation time that matches the measured reverberation time.
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