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An intelligent health assistant for migrants

Plumbaum, Till ; Narr, Sascha ; Schwartze, Veit ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Albayrak, Sahin (2013)

Preventive health is becoming an increasingly important part of our society. In addition to improving people’s personal well being, another positive effect is the reduction of costs for medical treatments that put a high burden on individuals and health care providers. Despite these advantages, preventive health services are still not used at a desired level. This is especially true for people ...

Workshop on benchmarking adaptive retrieval and recommender systems - BARS 2013

Castells, Pablo ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Said, Alan ; Lalmas, Mounia (2013)

Evaluating adaptive and personalized information retrieval techniques is known to be a difficult endeavor. The rapid evolution of novel technologies in this scope raises additional challenges that further stress the need for new evaluation approaches and methodologies. The BARS 2013 workshop seeks to provide a specific venue for work on novel, personalization-centric benchmarking approaches to ...

Detecting violent content in Hollywood movies by mid-level audio representations

Acar, Esra ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Alyabrak, Sahin (2013)

Movie violent content detection e.g., for providing automated youth protection services is a valuable video content analysis functionality. Choosing discriminative features for the representation of video segments is a key issue in designing violence detection algorithms. In this paper, we employ mid-level audio features which are based on a Bag-of-Audio Words (BoAW) method using Mel-Frequency ...

Violence detection in Hollywood movies by the fusion of visual and mid-level audio cues

Acar, Esra ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Albayrak, Sahin (2013)

Detecting violent scenes in movies is an important video content understanding functionality e.g., for providing automated youth pro- tection services. One key issue in designing algorithms for violence detection is the choice of discriminative features. In this paper, we employ mid-level audio features and compare their discriminative power against low-level audio and visual features. We fuse ...

Activating the Crowd: Exploiting User-Item Reciprocity for Recommendation

Larson, Martha ; Said, Alan ; Shi, Yue ; Cremonesi, Paolo ; Tikk, Domonkos ; Karatzoglou, Alexandros ; Baltrunas, Linas ; Geurts, Jozef ; Anguera, Xavi ; Hopfgartner, Frank (2013-10-12)

Recommender systems have always faced the problem of sparse data. In the current era, however, with its demand for highly personalized, real-time, context-aware recommendation, the sparse data problem only threatens to grow worse. Crowd-sourcing, specifically, outsourcing micro-requests for information to the crowd, opens new possibilities to fight the sparse data challenge. In this paper, we l...

Workshop and Challenge on News Recommender Systems

Tavakolifard, Mozhgan ; Atle Gulla, Jon ; Almeroth, Kevin C. ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Kille, Benjamin ; Plumbaum, Till ; Lommatzsch, Andreas ; Brodt, Torben ; Bucko, Arthur ; Heintz, Tobias (2013-10-12)

Recommending news articles entails additional requirements to recommender systems. Such requirements include special con- sumption patterns, fluctuating item collections, and highly sparse user profiles. This workshop (NRS’13@RecSys) brought together researchers and practitioners around the topics of designing and evaluating novel news recommender systems. Additionally, we offered a challenge a...

The plista dataset

Kille, Benjamin ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Brodt, Torben ; Heintz, Tobias (2013)

Releasing datasets has fostered research in fields such as information retrieval and recommender systems. Datasets are typically tailored for specific scenarios. In this work, we present the plista dataset. The dataset contains a collection of news articles published on 13 news portals. Additionally, the dataset comprises user interactions with those articles. We inctroduce the dataset’s main c...

Perceived and Actual Role of Gamification Principles

Meder, Michael ; Plumbaum, Till ; Hopfgartner, Frank (2013-12-09)

Although gamification has successfully been applied in office scenarios, it remains unclear how employees really feel about the introduction of a gamified system at their workplace. In this paper, we address this issue from two directions. First, we present the outcome of an online survey where we analyze users’ opinion about gamification in a workplace environment. Then, we analyze the interac...