FG Agententechnologien in betrieblichen Anwendungen und der Telekommunikation (AOT)

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hopfgartner_etal_2013.pdf.jpg2013User Interaction Templates for the Design of Lifelogging SystemsHopfgartner, Frank; Yang, Yang; Zhou, Lijuan Marissa; Gurrin, Cathal-
acar_etal_2015.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2015Detecting Violent Content in Hollywood Movies and User-generated VideosAcar, Esra; Irrgang, Melanie; Maniry, Dominique; Hopfgartner, Frank-
meder_etal_2015.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2015Gamification of Workplace ActivitiesMeder, Michael; Jain, Brijnesh Johannes; Plumbaum, Till; Hopfgartner, Frank-
plumbaum_etal_2015.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2015Health Assistance for ImmigrantsPlumbaum, Till; Klein-Ellinghaus, Funda; Reeske, Anna; Pelz, Kristin; Hopfgartner, Frank-
hopfgartner_2013.pdf.jpgNov-2013Multimedia Retrieval and Adaptive SystemsFrank, Hopfgartner-
Esiyok_etal_Novel_2020.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2020Novel hands-free interaction techniques based on the software switch approach for computer access with head movementsEsiyok, Cagdas; Askin, Ayhan; Tosun, Aliye; Albayrak, Sahin-
Yuan_etal_When_2020.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2020When algorithm selection meets Bi-linear Learning to Rank: accuracy and inference time trade off with candidates expansionYuan, Jing; Geissler, Christian; Shao, Weijia; Lommatzsch, Andreas; Jain, Brijnesh-
Wilhelm_etal_PeriSense_2020.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2020PeriSense: Ring-based multi-finger gesture interaction utilizing capacitive proximity sensingWilhelm, Mathias; Krakowczyk, Daniel; Albayrak, Sahin-
goeruer_orhan_can.pdf.jpg2020Social Cobots: Anticipatory Decision-Making for Collaborative Robots with Extended Human AdaptationGörür, Orhan Can-
Yurdakul_etal_Very_2020.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2020Very short-term power system frequency forecastingYurdakul, Ogun; Eser, Fatih; Sivrikaya, Fikret; Albayrak, Sahin-
Geithner_Sivrikaya_Transmission_2020.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2020Transmission rate sampling and selection for reliable wireless multicastGeithner, Thomas; Sivrikaya, Fikret-
eryilmaz-sigwarth_elif.pdf.jpg2020Adaptive quality of context optimization in the Internet of Things: models and methodsEryilmaz-Sigwarth, Elif-
hrabia_christopher-eyk.pdf.jpg2019Self-adaptive and self-organised planning and decision-making for multi-robot systemsHrabia, Christopher-Eyk-
5075163.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2019SITbench 1.0: A Novel Switch-Based Interaction Technique BenchmarkEsiyok, Cagdas; Albayrak, Sahin-
10.1017.S0269888918000176.pdf.jpg4-Oct-2018Towards adaptive multi-robot systems: self-organization and self-adaptationHrabia, Christopher-Eyk; Lützenberger, Marco; Albayrak, Sahin-
ahrndt_sebastian.pdf.jpg2019Modelling and integrating personality as affective phenomenon in agent-based systemsAhrndt, Sebastian-
sensors-19-00973.pdf.jpg25-Feb-2019EffFeu Project: Towards Mission-Guided Application of Drones in Safety and Security EnvironmentsHrabia, Christopher-Eyk; Hessler, Axel; Xu, Yuan; Seibert, Jacob; Brehmer, Jan; Albayrak, Sahin-
Schmidt_et_al_2010.pdf.jpg2010Application-level Simulation for Network SecuritySchmidt, Stephan; Bye, Rainer; Chinnow, Joël; Bsufka, Karsten; Camtepe, Ahmet; Albayrak, Sahin-
gunadi_etal_2014.pdf.jpg2014Distributed enterprise search using software agentsGunadi, Erwin; Meder, Michael; Plumbaum, Till; Scheel, Christian; Hopfgartner, Frank; Albayrak, Sahin-
castells_etal_2014.pdf.jpg2013Report on the SIGIR 2013 workshop on benchmarking adaptive retrieval and recommender systemsCastells, Pablo; Hopfgartner, Frank; Said, Alan; Lalmas, Mounia-
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