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Dynamics of collective attention

Lorenz-Spreen, Philipp Gert Josef (2019)

This dissertation aims to capture and understand the macroscopic ebbs and flows of public interest and popular topics. Operationalized as e.g. usage volume of hashtags, movie ticket sales or the counts of comments on online forums, we measure the dynamics of `public attention' for various cultural items in large online data sets. These trajectories of public attention became accessible since th...

Computational and analytical approaches towards epidemic spread containment of temporal animal trade networks

Bassett, George Jason (2019)

In this thesis a threefold approach to assess the risk of epidemic spread on animal trade networks and pinpoint strategies to contain it is presented. Firstly, an exhaustive description of a stochastic, event-driven, hierarchical agent-based model designed to reproduce the infectious state of the cattle disease called Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) on the German trade network is outlined. It takes...

Multi-chimera States in the Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Model

Tsigkri-DeSmedt, N.D. ; Hizanidis, J. ; Hövel, Philipp ; Provata, A. (2015)

We study the dynamics of identical leaky integrate-and-fire neurons with symmetric non-local coupling. Upon varying control parameters (coupling strength, coupling range, refractory period) we investigate the system's behaviour and highlight the formation of chimera states. We show that the introduction of a refractory period enlarges the parameter region where chimera states appear and affects...