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Optical gain and modal loss in AlGaN based deep UV lasers

Martens, Martin Georg Rudolf (2018)

Because of its direct bandgap covering the ultraviolet (UV) spectral region from 360 nm to 200 nm, the AlGaN material system is a promising candidate for the realization of deep UV laser diodes emitting below 300 nm, being an alternative for bulky and energy consuming excimer or frequency multiplied lasers. Possible applications cover e.g. medical detection, gas sensing, material processing, ...

The fate of the 2√3 × 2√3R(30°) silicene phase on Ag(111)

Liu, Zhi-Long ; Wang, Mei-Xiao ; Liu, Canhua ; Jia, Jin-Feng ; Vogt, Patrick ; Quaresima, Claudio ; Ottaviani, Carlo ; Olivieri, Bruno ; Padova, Paola de ; Lay, Guy Le (2014)

Silicon atoms deposited on Ag(111) produce various single layer silicene sheets with different buckling patterns and periodicities. Low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy reveals that one of the silicene sheets, the hypothetical √7 × √7 silicene structure, on 2√3 × 2√3 Ag(111), is inherently highly defective and displays no long-range order. Moreover, Auger and photoelectron spectroscopy...