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Determination of Sapphire Off‐Cut and Its Influence on the Morphology and Local Defect Distribution in Epitaxially Laterally Overgrown AlN for Optically Pumped UVC Lasers

Enslin, Johannes ; Knauer, Arne ; Mogilatenko, Anna ; Mehnke, Frank ; Martens, Martin ; Kuhn, Christian ; Wernicke, Tim ; Weyers, Markus ; Kneissl, Michael (2019-11-12)

Herein, a systematic study of the morphology and local defect distribution in epitaxially laterally overgrown (ELO) AlN on c‐plane sapphire substrates with different off‐cut angles ranging from 0.08° to 0.23° is presented. Precise measurements of the off‐cut angle α, using a combination of optical alignment and X‐ray diffraction with an accuracy of ±5° for the off‐cut direction and ±0.015° for ...

Ultrafast optical demagnetization dynamics in thin elemental films and alloys

Willems, Felix Alexander (2019)

This thesis investigates the femtosecond photo-induced magnetization dynamics in the fundamental transition metals (TMs) Fe, Co, and Ni as well as the technologically relevant, two-component CoPt alloy. In this context, a laboratorybased higher harmonic generation (HHG) source was developed and set up which provides radiation in the extended ultraviolet (XUV) spectral range with pulse lengths o...

Prozessierung und Anwendung SiO2 basierter Lichtleiter für die optische UVC-Gassensorik

Elmlinger, Philipp Simon (2019)

Diese Arbeit behandelt die Prozessierung verlustarmer Lichtwellenleiter für einen optischen UVC-Gassensor. Durch optische Simulationen wurde zunächst ein geeignetes Material (amorphes Quarzglas) und Design abgeleitet. Mittels Belichtung mit einem Ultrakurzpulslaser und anschließendem selektiven Nassätzen wurden die Lichtleiter aus dem Wafer strukturiert. Die resultierenden rauen Seitenwände füh...

A Miniaturized UV-LED Based Optical Gas Sensor Utilizing Silica Waveguides for the Measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide

Elmlinger, Philipp ; Schreivogel, Martin ; Weida, Simon ; Kneissl, Michael (2017-08-15)

Continuing advances in the development of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the deep ultraviolet spectral range (DUV) enable miniaturized, mobile, and cost-effective DUV gas sensors. Efficient light coupling, guiding, and splitting plays a key role for stable sensor systems and is realized by lowloss silica based waveguides, fabricated by ultrashort pulsed laser etching and laser polishing. The t...

Effect of Electron Blocking Layer Doping and Composition on the Performance of 310 nm Light Emitting Diodes

Kolbe, Tim ; Knauer, Arne ; Rass, Jens ; Cho, Hyun ; Hagedorn, Sylvia ; Einfeldt, Sven ; Kneissl, Michael ; Weyers, Markus (2017-12-06)

The effects of composition and p-doping profile of the AlGaN:Mg electron blocking layer (EBL) in 310 nm ultraviolet B (UV-B) light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been investigated. The carrier injection and internal quantum efficiency of the LEDs were simulated and compared to electroluminescence measurements. The light output power depends strongly on the temporal biscyclopentadienylmagnesium (Cp...

Optical gain and modal loss in AlGaN based deep UV lasers

Martens, Martin Georg Rudolf (2018)

Because of its direct bandgap covering the ultraviolet (UV) spectral region from 360 nm to 200 nm, the AlGaN material system is a promising candidate for the realization of deep UV laser diodes emitting below 300 nm, being an alternative for bulky and energy consuming excimer or frequency multiplied lasers. Possible applications cover e.g. medical detection, gas sensing, material processing, ...

The fate of the 2√3 × 2√3R(30°) silicene phase on Ag(111)

Liu, Zhi-Long ; Wang, Mei-Xiao ; Liu, Canhua ; Jia, Jin-Feng ; Vogt, Patrick ; Quaresima, Claudio ; Ottaviani, Carlo ; Olivieri, Bruno ; Padova, Paola de ; Lay, Guy Le (2014)

Silicon atoms deposited on Ag(111) produce various single layer silicene sheets with different buckling patterns and periodicities. Low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy reveals that one of the silicene sheets, the hypothetical √7 × √7 silicene structure, on 2√3 × 2√3 Ag(111), is inherently highly defective and displays no long-range order. Moreover, Auger and photoelectron spectroscopy...