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kuhn_christian.pdf.jpg2020Group III-nitride based UVC LEDs and lasers with transparent AlGaN:Mg layers and tunnel junctions grown by MOVPEKuhn, Christian-
bergmann_etal_2020.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2020Thin-film flip-chip UVB LEDs realized by electrochemical etchingBergmann, Michael A.; Enslin, Johannes; Hjort, Filip; Wernicke, Tim; Kneissl, Michael; Haglund, Åsa-
Kneissl_etal_2015.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2015Spatial clustering of defect luminescence centers in Si-doped low resistivity Al0.82Ga0.18NKusch, Gunnar; Nouf-Allehiani, M.; Mehnke, Frank; Kuhn, Christian; Edwards, Paul R.; Wernicke, Tim; Knauer, Arne; Kueller, Viola; Naresh-Kumar, G.; Weyers, Markus; Kneissl, Michael; Trager-Cowan, Carol; Martin, Robert W.-
Enslin_et_al-2019-physica_status_solidi_a.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2019Determination of Sapphire Off‐Cut and Its Influence on the Morphology and Local Defect Distribution in Epitaxially Laterally Overgrown AlN for Optically Pumped UVC LasersEnslin, Johannes; Knauer, Arne; Mogilatenko, Anna; Mehnke, Frank; Martens, Martin; Kuhn, Christian; Wernicke, Tim; Weyers, Markus; Kneissl, Michael-
willems_felix.pdf.jpg2019Ultrafast optical demagnetization dynamics in thin elemental films and alloysWillems, Felix Alexander-
elmlinger_philipp.pdf.jpg2019Prozessierung und Anwendung SiO2 basierter Lichtleiter für die optische UVC-GassensorikElmlinger, Philipp Simon-
proceedings-01-00556.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2017A Miniaturized UV-LED Based Optical Gas Sensor Utilizing Silica Waveguides for the Measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur DioxideElmlinger, Philipp; Schreivogel, Martin; Weida, Simon; Kneissl, Michael-
materials-10-01396.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2017Effect of Electron Blocking Layer Doping and Composition on the Performance of 310 nm Light Emitting DiodesKolbe, Tim; Knauer, Arne; Rass, Jens; Cho, Hyun; Hagedorn, Sylvia; Einfeldt, Sven; Kneissl, Michael; Weyers, Markus-
martens_martin.pdf.jpg2018Optical gain and modal loss in AlGaN based deep UV lasersMartens, Martin Georg Rudolf-
1.4894871.pdf.jpg2014The fate of the 2√3 × 2√3R(30°) silicene phase on Ag(111)Liu, Zhi-Long; Wang, Mei-Xiao; Liu, Canhua; Jia, Jin-Feng; Vogt, Patrick; Quaresima, Claudio; Ottaviani, Carlo; Olivieri, Bruno; Padova, Paola de; Lay, Guy Le-
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