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The Influence of ITO Dopant Density on J-V Characteristics of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells: Experiments and Simulations

Kirner, Simon ; Hartig, Manuel ; Mazzarella, Luana ; Korte, Lars ; Frijnts, Tim ; Scherg-Kurmes, Harald ; Ring, Sven ; Stannowski, Bernd ; Rech, Bernd ; Schlatmann, Rutger (2015)

The TCO/a-Si:H(p) contact is a critical part of the silicon heterojunction solar cell. At this point, holes from the emitter have to recombine loss free with electrons from the TCO. Since tunneling is believed to be the dominant transport mechanism, a high dopant density in both adjacent layers is critical. In contrast to this, it has been reported that high TCO dopant density can reduce field ...